I had a dream last night, actually i had an idea within my dream :D. In my dream i played theoretical ql duel, just like u can play chess or backgammon in a browser or via cellphone app. Here is the deal:

imagine u are in the train or at uni etc and u duel a friend on ztn via netbook or mobilephone in the style of an oldschool textandventure.

The concept is round-based.

The game starts and both players get their spawn location told. Now it gets randomized who can make the first step.
You can chose options like : 1.go to lg, 2.go to RA 3. stay at yellow and listen.

After the first player did his choice player 2 follows.
If they meet both pick if they want tofight or they chose escape route.

If it comes to a fight, you might make a 2-3 step fight like pokemon or something. The fight system would take weapon, position,(and maybe elo o.0?) into account.

The items would spawn every lets say 4 rounds, and you of course only know your items taken.

One game runs 50 rounds or something.

This is not thought through well yet but i am very fond of the idea, it might be an entertaining game for cellphones or netbooks.

Tell me what you think.

Also if this turns out to be a multimillion euro success you heard it here first. its called "mouse*duel " with my big fat copyright on the idea.

if someones skilled and willing to make a project out of it i love working on shti like that