Scheduled: 13:00 CDT, 27 October 2012 to 16:00 CDT, 27 October 2012
Schedule: Passed

This Saturday, right before our weekly Sunday cup, we bring you an extra experience. FACEIT is inviting four player for an invitational tournament. Every player is going to play each other once in a group format, the player who ends up with most victories will get first place prize: $40.

All matches will be played as Best-of-5, with the DreamHack Winter 2012 map pool. Since every player has three matches to play, we will have two matches on at the same time, so we will launch Facebook poll where you can choose which match you want to watch live on the stream. Tomorrow casters in the studio will be United Kingdom Xavier "Zoot" Dhorne and United Kingdom Daniel "ddk" Kapadia.

Don't miss any action tomorrow, starting right before 13:00 CDT in our studio live!

Links: FACEIT // mIRC #FACEIT, Facebook FACEITCommunity, Twitter @FACEITcom