Since sign ups close today we now have the complete list of the players that's going to be invited to the Kingston Quake Live Summer Championship. We're not going to give you the complete list today though, you're going to have to wait until Wednesday for that.

Also we're sad to say that Canada Oaki won't be able to attend. It's simply too costly for him to travel all the way to Sweden to compete in the tournament. Unfortunately I got in contact with him about 20 minutes ago and we haven't been able to select a replacement yet.

Anyway, today we're glad to announce 4 new players Finland Kaide, Netherlands gda, Estonia cnz and Poland av3k. Some really experienced players and some new unproven players is now into the player list which makes for an even more exciting tournament.

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Update: France strenx can't attend to DreamHack either for reasons out of his hands. He will be replaced on Wednesday also.

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