derQuaker interviewed Germany Philipp "reload" Kotecki, who will be participating in the upcoming DHW 2011 Duel Tournament. He talks about his training, future goals and his DreamHack invitation. Here is a snippet:
Your manager should be very happy, that two players of ESC Gaming are playing at the Dreamhack. Is this the first big offlineevent for you?

Germany reload: Surely he will be happy about it, but you have to negotiate with sponsors if you need money for traveling and the hotel. The Dreamhack is not my first offlineevent, 2 years ago I took part at a warsow-tournament in Paris, which I won :) during my Quakelive career I only took part on german offline events, but because of that, the Dreamhack will be exiting and I always wanted to visit the Dreamhack.
You can read the whole interview on! There is also a German version available.