Site Update - May 31, 2011

Today's update, QUAKE LIVE Premium Pak 8, introduces 2 new Premium Arenas to QUAKE LIVE, new Start-a-Match features for Pro Subscribers and FreezeTag players, new and improved mouse input code, a TeamKill complaint system, an overhauled more flexible InstaGib system, match forfeit options, and a great number of website, game, and server fixes to improve the gameplay experience.

Premium Maps Added:

Revolver (Small CA):

Crafted by Wiebo de Wit, designer of the highly popular 'Overkill' Clan Arena level of RA3 fame, Revolver is a small outdoor chamber with an overhanging grated walkway, a higher ground that holding can prove vital to victory.

Sorrow (Duel):

Set in a foreboding dungeon, Sorrow is a brand new arena from Pawel Chrapka that is nicely suited for both Duel and small teamplay when a more strategic and paced style of play is preferred.

Web Updates:

Start a Match: Numerous options added, including ability to spawn servers at your skill level (tier).
Start a Match: Options that are non-default, or will result in an unranked server will be hilighted
Start a Match: Resolved certain combinations of settings that would result in an unranked server despite all visible options set to their defaults
Match invites should now work more reliably, especially over map changes.
Server tool tip hovers now report if a server is Premium, allowing you to identify Premium servers when using the Friends List.
Accepting a friends request from a player who is actively online will now immediately show them on your friends list. Previously they would not show until their next time to come online.
Fixed the duplicate friend invite issue.
Fixed banned profile notices. Banned players will once again have a ban notice on their public profile.
Weekly match stats now report up to 500 matches, it was previously limited to reporting only the first 100 matches played in any given week.
Fixed site inactivity timeouts occurring during forum activity.
Fixed auto-login from failing following an account idle timeout.
Fixed issue preventing pro users with clan tags that began with a '+' from spinning Start-a-Match servers that others could join.

General Game Updates:

Added 'forfeit' command to allow for an early end to a match.
Available to the losing player in Duel
Available to the losing player in team gametypes, when one player is left remaining.
Will end match immediately, note the game is forfeited, and award the loser a 'Loss' instead of a 'Quit'.
Added a forfeit condition check to all team gametypes. If one team quits, the match will now forfeit and award a win to the remaining team.
Improved Intermission Delay, the delay has been reduced from 1000ms to 200ms to resolve many issues & complaints about what occurs in the last second of gameplay.
Added server-side variables that allows us to specify the amount of armor, health, or weapons a player has upon spawning (g_startingArmor, g_startingHealth, g_startingHealthBonus, g_startingWeapons).
Added the option of a simpler black frame fill rather than the white flash that occurs when teleporting (r_teleporterFlash 0).
Added an error message to clients when some commands, such as '/kill' are attempted to be used on servers that do not support them.
Colliding into a wall while running now places the player in a walking animation without footsteps, instead of running in place and producing footsteps. (This is an animation and footstep change only, no change to player speed, physics, or movement is made as a result of this).
We now disabled firing at the end of warmup during match countdown to raise awareness of the match state transition and reduce accidental movement caused activity during the match countdown.
Fixed the toggling of 'Next Match' at the end of the match such that spectators can no longer toggle the readyUp status of in-game players.
Fixed end-game command flooding of spectated clients.
The end-game scoreboard now has a minimum viewing time of 5 seconds and a maximum viewing time of 15 seconds, dependent on whether players choose to click the 'Next Match' button to minimize viewing time.
Fixed 3 Player Callvote logic that was allowing a single 'no vote' to make a vote fail.
Fixed an issue that could generate killbeeps from gibbing player corpses.
Fixed incorrectly defined FRAMETIME, which has accounted for various bugs or oddness in the game, especially in relation to our triggers (jumppads, movers, buttons, trigger hurts, trigger multiples).
Fixed floating point imprecision that caused glitching in snapshot rendering.
Fixed Battle Suit noise spam while wading in lava, sound event is now only triggered every second (damage is however still continuous).
Fixed starting weapon selection code to ensure that the selected weapon is a weapon that was granted on spawn
Fixed Default model/skin code. It will now attempt to use the model specified when a valid model but invalid skin is set and ensures that a teamskin is set when in team gametypes.
Fixed faulty spawnflag behavior issue for trigger_hurts.
Fixed an issue with railgun while using infinite ammo that prevented the rail trail from displaying.
Fixed an animation issue that would occur on servers running more than 24 hours that previously could not be resolved without shutting down and relaunching the server.
Fixed an infostring buffer overflow exploit.
Fixed an exploit found that could be caused by use of a local command.
Fixed references to server framerate to correctly account for timescale.
Fixed AGEN skip code in parse stage of rendering.
Fixed a typo in a Com_Error message "cientNum > 32" corrected to "clientNum >= 32".
Fixed fastSky behavior when r_fastSky was set to non-zero, non-one values.
Fixed Vertexlight issue in map compiling. We will over time be re-releasing the afflicted maps to resolve dark or off-colored vertexlighting issues.

Duel Updates:

Relaxed spawn system in Duel such that it now looks at 50% of the furthest away spawn choices with a minimum of 3 choices, instead of 40% with a minimum of 2 choices -- reducing the predictability of where a player may re-spawn.

Team Deathmatch Updates:

Added Teamkill Complaint system: When a player is teamkilled they will now be prompted as to whether or not they wish to file a complaint to the server verse the offending teammate. If you feel the TK was intentional, then file a complaint (F1). If it was accidental, then dismiss it (F2). If too many complaints are filed verse a player, the server will ban the player for the server for the remainder of the match.
Clients may disable the complain/dismiss vote prompt by setting cg_complaintWarning 0.
Fixed a warmup condition in TDM that allowed you to start a match when no players were present on one of the teams.
Fixed a warmup condition in TDM that allowed you to start a match with unbalanced teams.

Clan Arena Updates:

Fixed CA round behavior when roundtimelimit is set to 0, which will now disable the use of a roundtimelimit rather causing rounds to end immediately upon round start.

Capture the Flag Updates:

Fixed capturing the flag during the Intermission Delay bug, you can no longer capture in the last moments of the game after the time/scorelimit was hit.
Added 'droppowerup' command to allow you to drop a recently picked up power-up to a teammate. Like weapons and flags, the dropped powerup remains available for 10 seconds.
Added a server-side variable that allows us to configure what drop abilities are permitted (dropflag, droppowerup, dropweapon). (g_dropCmds)

FreezeTag Updates:

We now use "You froze" centerprint in FT rather than "You fragged".
We no longer allow you to thaw teammates through walls.
Increased thaw radius from 64 units to 96 units.
Frozen ice blocks now shrink as a player is thawed.
Added Start-a-Match options for Pro Subscribers:
'Environmental Respawn Delay', allows you to force a time delay before a player who died from an environmental death (such as jumping into a void) from thawing and respawning.
'Reset Armor on Round', allows you to force a player's armor value to reset at the end of every round.
'Reset Health on Round', allows you to force a player's health value to reset at the end of every round.
'Reset Weapons on Round', allows you to force a player's weapon loadout to reset to the spawn loadout at the end of every round.
'Thaw Winning Team', allows you to prevent frozen members of the winning team to from instantly thawing at the end of the round, forcing the surviving winners to thaw their own frozen teammates.
'Thaw Tick', allows you to control the audible thaw sound such that it can be heard by only teammates, all players, or disabled.
'Enable Round Delay', allows the 4 second round delay to be disabled, allowing for a more action packed fast paced style of FT gameplay.
Thaw messages are now displayed for players who die due to an environmental death to denote when a player is back in action and no longer considered frozen.
Fixed Round Draws in FreezeTag. Announcer Voice is back and notifies you when there is a Round Draw. Neither team is awarded any points during a Round Draw, previously red was awarded a point during draws.
Better handling of telefragging both living and frozen players: If you telefrag a living player, you are awarded a kill, they freeze, and then auto-thaw with no delay. If you telefrag an already frozen player in FT, they will then auto-thaw with no delay.
Fixed zoomOutOnDeath code in FreezeTag; cannot zoom while frozen.
Added prediction to triggers for frozen players (smoother triggering of jumppads, teleporters, doors while sliding into them)
Fixed AutoThawTime behavior so that you may disable autothawing. Previously a g_freezeAutoThawTime 0 would result in an instant thaw upon freezing.

Instagib Updates:

Any weapon present in InstaGib now triggers a frag (splash damage excluded).
Instagib is no longer is restricted to Railgun only, but now works with any weapon defined in g_startingWeapons. This allows us to introduce a great number of new InstaGib modes of play.
Instagib no longer relies on damage output of any weapon. If damage is received it will gib the player (railgun is no longer forced to 666 damage).
We now grant infinite ammo for all weapons present in InstaGib
Extensive overhaul of the InstaGib code to improve logic, performance, and reduce rare issues that could result in players not dying when hit.

Mouse Code Updates:

Fixed an issue with in_nograb not being properly defined, that resulted in mouse sensitivity issues and mouse focus issues.
Reworked mouse accel code to address outstanding issues such as: framerate dependency, a failure to preserve directionality, and misleading offset behavior. Now rather than offering two styles of mouse accel, one without these issue but fewer options and one with more options but known issues, we have now simplified it to one accel scheme that is highly customizable and reliable.
Added cl_mouseAccelPower // the power of the accel curve, 2 is the default traditional curve.
cl_mouseAccelOffset now defaults to 0.
Added optional/alternative sensitivity scheme: Added m_cpi to set mouse DPI so sensitivity can be measured in cm amount. Counts per Inch (CPI/DPI) of your mouse, defaulted off. When enabled (by setting m_cpi to the CPI/DPI of your mouse) it changes sensitivity from a immeasurable number into a precise degrees per cm, ie sensitivity 18 would move you 18 degrees per centimeter of mouse movement, performing a 360 turn in 20 centimeters. More info can be found in our recent DevBlog post.
Default sensitivity, pitch, and yaw all remain the same. If you do not set m_cpi no changes are necessary to your mouse or sensitivity settings. If you use accel, you no longer need to specify a style of accel. Set your cl_mouseAccel to the desired strength, optionally assign a cl_mouseAccelPower, cl_mouseAccelOffset, or cl_mouseSensCap.
Sensitivity, m_yaw, and m_filter cvars now replicate (get stored in repconfig.cfg and our database).

HUD Updates:

Callvotes now displays proper keybinds for 'vote yes' and 'vote no'.
Support for Infinite Ammo on weaponBar.
Support for non-railgun weapons in InstaGib
Changed frag obituaries to fade out
Fixed roundtimer display in FT on the official 'Large' HUD.
Fixed HUD ranks in Duel and FFA.
Reduced the size of the center print frag message in warmup, to both match the size utilized mid-game as well as prevent center print text from overlapping during warmup.
Added a 'Watch your fire!' warning to the center print frag message when you kill a teammate.
Fixed itemPickupTime between map_restarts: Pickup messages will be cleared from the screen on map_restarts and when transferring from Warmup to Match-in-Progress; Can no longer obtain <item> x2 messages from picking up an item in warmup just before match start, and then picking up the same item type within 3 seconds.
Obituary frag messages are now cleared from the HUD on map_restart.
Improved the formatting of the low ammo warning centerprint; raised it higher to avoid some overlapping text in warmup.
Fixed weaponBar weapon registration, so that you no longer have to switch to a weapon before it appears on the weaponBar.
Fixed an erroneous low ammo warning sound when switching to weapons with infinite ammo.
Added support for infinite ammo on HUDs.

GUI Updates:

Added 'droppowerup' to controls menu.
Fixed the map order (in callvote menu), Hektik was out of abc order.
Small fix to scoreboard draw code.

Dev Console Updates:

Tab autocompleted cvars will now print their currently assigned value for easy setting lookup.
Added con_scale (defaults 1.0), lower values result in a smaller font scale being used in the console.
Cleanup, renamed more obscure cl_contimestamps to con_timestamp
Cleanup, renamed cl_noprint to con_noprint

Bot Updates:

Added 'bot_teamkill'; Activates teamkilling mode where bots disregard what team a player is on when selecting their targets.
Fixed BotChat_HitTalking MOD (a bot's knowledge of what they were hit with while they were chatting).
Fixed Bot Characteristic in BotChat_EnemySuicide.
Fixed actionFlag collision in botlib code.

Deprecated / Removed Code:

Removed deprecated cl_mouseAccelStyle.
Removed deprecated g_freeze cvar (unused).
Removed deprecated con_notifytime (unused).
Removed deprecated cl_conXOffset (unused).
Removed deprecated g_allWeapons, in favor of more versatile g_startingWeapons.
Removed deprecated g_ca_startingArmor and g_ca_startingHealth, in favor of the new gametype neutral g_startingArmor and g_startingHealth.
Removed deprecated g_weaponTeamRespawn, referenced only in Team DM, in favor of setting g_weaponRespawn.
Removed cg_startingammo_mg, we are in the progress of replacing it with a new weapon neutral g_startingAmmo system.

Map Updates:

Courtyard - Fixed/balanced rg hall spawn points; lighting fixed in Vertexlight mode.
Japanese Castles - Fixed/balanced garden spawn points; lighting fixed in Vertexlight mode.
Ironworks - Lighting fixed in Vertexlight mode.
Tornado - Lighting fixed in Vertexlight mode.
Troubled Waters - Fixed/balanced base starting spawn points; lighting fixed in Vertexlight mode.

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