The ZDaemon Duel League is the most competitive North American DooM 2 duel tournament utilizing the online doom port ZDaemon. The league consists of prizes, online coverage, and participants ranging from new players to some of the best DooM II talent in the world. And the season 4 sign-ups have just begun and are open to aynone!

To spice things up this year the map pool has been increased to 7 maps. The four usual competitive maps (Map1, Dwango5 Map1, Judas23_, Dwango5 Map7) will be combined with three maps voted on by the community.

Also each skill division will be broken up into groups based on the number of entrants for group stage season playing, and the top players from each group meeting in the playoff brackets.

Be sure to watch all of the action through live streams hosted by Jehar and!

Link: Announcement