First of all I'd like to thank everyone who helped me pick a new mouse in the other thread that I posted.

I ended up with the DA 3.5g. [was a close race between the DA and the Zowie EC2, but 'prediction' is what swayed me at the end]

I seem to be unable to fully disable acceleration with this DA mouse.

I've ticked the "enchance pointer precision" off in the Windows Mouse Properties thing (I'm using XP 32-bit).
I've even applied the old CPL mousefix.reg thing.

When I go into the Razer driver, the acceleration is stated as "On". I can't change it there (not sure you have to be able to do so).

I set the acceleration bar at 1. When I'm in game, I still feel slight acceleration. :(

I've flashed the DA to the latest firmware.

Any suggestions?