6.0 2010-07-19

* in game camera creation and editing
/addcamerapoint ('z' default)
/playcamera ('o' default)
/loadcamera <filename>
/savecamera <filename>

The default location for camera files is cameras/. Camera points are automatically saved to cameras/wolfcam-autosave any time you make a change.

/selectcamerapoint <point 1> [point 2]
/selectcamerapoint [all, first, last, inner(don't include first and last)]

/editcamerapoint (no args will edit currently selected) or [next, previous]

/editcamerapoint next (']' default)
/editcamerapoint previous ('[' default)


will delete all the selected camera points


type /ecam by itself or /ecam help to see:

Edit all currently selected camera points
<...> are required
[...] are optional

/ecam type <spline, interp, jump>
/ecam fov <current, interp, fixed, pass> [fov value]
/ecam command <command to be executed when cam point is hit>
/ecam numsplines <number of spline points to use for this key point (default is 40) >
/ecam angles <interp, interpuseprevious, fixed, fixeduseprevious, viewpointinterp, viewpointfixed, viewpointpass, ent>
the 'ent' option has additional parameter for the entity
/ecam angles ent [entity number]
/ecam offset <interp, fixed, pass> [x offset] [y offset] [z offset]
/ecam roll <interp, fixed, pass> [roll value]

/nextfield (KP_DOWNARROW default)
/prevfield (KP_UPARROW default)


/changefield (KP_ENTER default) this will toggle and or set the fields

additional commands

cvar cg_draw2d 2 for use with camera editing
default bind BACKSPACE "toggle cg_draw2d 0 1 2"

cg_drawCameraPointInfo[X, Y, Align, Style, Font, PointSize, Scale, Color, SelectedColor, Alpha]

* old camera commands renamed, now /idcamera and /stopidcamera
* cg_draw2d 2 for use with camera creation
* in_nograb changed bound by default to F2 should let you grab and release mouse input without having to drop down the console
* ctf draw correct rune powerups around players
* ctf hud show correct rune powerup icon
* cl_consoleAsChat default is 0 so that you don't have to add '/' in console to execute commands
* /playpath fix for having to have a smoothing value


6.1 2010-07-31

* fix crash during timeouts
* camera: angles use previous was grabbing angles and not lastAngles
* r_lightmapColor to tint the lightmap
extreme example: r_lightmapColor "0xff0000" to make all the lights red
better example: r_lightmapcolor "0xffafaf" to turn down blue and green a bit, without completely eliminating them
* fixed problem with handling ql pk3 files, shouldn't take 30 seconds to load cgame
* opendml large avi support cl_aviAllowLargeFiles 1 (default)
Allows up to 500+ gigabyte avi
All avi files have .ivax extenstion in order to prevent windows from locking up when it tries to scan and create thumbnail
* bug fix for sound popping and dropped video frames when using small avi
* cg_levelTimerDirection: 0, 1 same as quakelive, including bugs (always count up during overtimes regardless of the settings you have chosen), 2 count up and don't reset to 0 during overtimes (ex: 14:53 is shown for duel 53 seconds into the second overtime), 3 countdown even during overtime
* cg_checkForOfflineDemo 1 (default) demos recorded using /devmap or offline bot play wont stutter
* cg_muzzleFlash
* auto vstr for weapons: cg_weaponDefault, cg_weaponNone, cg_weaponGauntlet, cg_weaponMachineGun, cg_weaponShotgun, cg_weaponGrenadeLauncher, cg_weaponRocketLauncher, cg_weaponLightningGun, cg_weaponRailGun, cg_weaponPlasmaGun, cg_weaponBFG, cg_weaponGrapplingHook, cg_weaponNailGun, cg_weaponProximityLauncher, cg_weaponChainGun

ex: set cg_weaponRailGun "cg_fov 90; cg_drawCrosshair 1"
set cg_weaponDefault "cg_fov 110; cg_drawCrosshair 4"
* /video [avi, tga, jpg, wav, name <file basename>]
All files stored in video/

ex: /video tga wav to dump tga screenshots and a wav sound recording

* r_jpegCompressionQuality 90 (default) for screenshots, jpg video dump, and cl_aviMotionJpeg
* cl_aviFetchMode GL_RGB (default switched from ioquake3 GL_RGBA default)

added default bind:
bind i "toggle cl_avifetchmode gl_rgb gl_rgba gl_bgr gl_bgra; echopopupcvar cl_avifetchmode"
Do a test run and try the different values to see if you can get a performance boost when rendering.

* cg_plasmaStyle same as quakelive (2: purple bubble trails)


6.2 2010-08-05

* crosshair bug fix with r_texturebits 32
* bug fix for avi files, removing .ivax extension, cl_aviExtension default "avi"
* cg_railUseOwnColors
* /video avins wav
to create a video file without sound and a wav file
* q3mme motion blur: mme_blurFrames, mme_blurType, mme_blurOverlap, mme_workMegs
The actual rendering rate will be cl_aviFrameRate * mme_blurFrames, so try to make that total a factor of 1000 so that it doesn't screw up playback speed.


6.3 2010-08-09

* default timelimit value used if server has set timelimit to 0
* cg_forceMap
ex: set cg_forceMap "pro-nodm9"; demo FFA-lostworld.dm_73
* preliminary support for new ql update: still alot of bugs with freezetag, q3gibs might be temporarily broken because of new freezetag gibs

If you are only using the newer quake live pk3s old demos will be played back with the new maps. You can also copy over qz*.pk3 from an older version of quakelive and then a demo will use the same map that it was recorded with. Note that you should only copy the files that start with qz (ex: qzteam1.pk3, qzdm6.pk3, etc.). You can also force the use of the older maps with newer demos using cg_forceMap.

* cg_drawSpawnsInitial, cg_drawSpawnsInitialZ, cg_drawSpawnsRespawns, cg_drawSpawnsRespawnsZ, cg_drawSpawnsShared, cg_drawSpawnsSharedZ
* audio recording rate no longer dependent on video framerate, took out ioquake3 audio warning. Hopefully this fixes the speed up problems.


6.4 2010-09-08

* cl_aviNoAudioHWOutput don't pass audio data to sound card when recording, default is 1
* capture video at whatever framerate you want, including going past 1000 with or without mme_blurframes
* cg_forcemap is now r_forcemap (so that it shows up in ui console with tab completion)
* quad and battle suit dynamic lights matching quakelive's
* new quake3 gib installation instructions so there's no conflict with freezetag snow/ice gibs
* can use wav instead of ogg files for content
* Crash tutorial demo support :\
* cg_spawnArmorTime new spawn armor shader for spawn protected players, default 500