Scheduled: 04:30 CDT, 23 May 2010 to 08:00 CDT, 23 May 2010
Schedule: Passed

It pleases us to announce our very first invited player into the ArchaicMSI Quakecon Draft is New Zealand Nick "nomey" Burfield. Nomey was selected for his consistent top-end finishes every 4Seasons Gaming tournament. His dedication and persistence has built himself a very strong willed reputation in Oceanic scene and this is reflected in his constant good results and positive attitude.

The qualifier today will decide who the 6th player to join the competition will be. Spectators can follow along with the brackets and stream below. If you haven't seen yet player interviews will be surfacing in the coming weeks, which will capture how much this tournament means from our players perspectives. First out was Australia Ventz.

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