Thanks to 4Seasons Gaming and ArchaicMSI, Oceania will be sending it's first sponsored QuakeLive player overseas to QuakeCon this year in August. Instead of just choosing a player to send over, we have turned the opportunity into a "draft" or "qualifier" to determine once and for all who is the real 2010 Oceanic QuakeLive Dueling Champion.

The tournament will be open to everybody living in Australia Australia or New Zealand New Zealand but there will be only twelve final positions in the competition. Some of the 12 will be hand picked "wildcard" entries by 4Seasons Gaming staff, while the remaining positions will be decided through competitions in the coming weeks.

On behalf of the entire 4Seasons Gaming community we would like to thank ArchaicMSI for firstly making this possible, but also our sponsors and community donaters for getting us to where we are!

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