Australia Daniel "dandaking" De sousa has taken out the May 16th ArchaicMSI Qualifier in true champion style, flawlessly. This was Dan's first competition for Quake Live and unfortunately due to the nature of 'qualifying' he was unable to participate against his rival Oceanic competition Zealor, Ventz or Zenaku. Dan will accompany Australia and New Zealands best in the ArchaicMSI Draft Tournament for a chance to win a trip to Quakecon 2010 in August.

cup_gold 1st. Australia Daniel "dandaking" De sousa
cup_silver 2nd. New Zealand Nick "nomey" Burfield
3rd/4th. Australia John Winston "Pathe" Hoddinott / Australia Guy "HANZ" Hampton

Big thanks to Wookie and Reloaded LAN who have donated prizes towards the ArchaicMSI Draft runner up and ArchaicMSI Draft third place finalists, as well as our next divisional duel comp and a bit of cash towards our next overseas trip.

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