We were waiting for two years, and now the time has come. The biggest Defrag tournament continues its history with the 2010 edition. As you may already know, the most recent DeFrag World Cups were organized by Slovakia <Nemesis> and Slovakia TiTAN from Breakdown-HQ, the most popular Defrag site online. However, since these two guys don't have much time for the game they love so much, we welcome a new organizer, the great mapper and Defrag player, Russia GT-Agressor. As the breakdown scripts need to be modified and there's no one to do that, Belarus [cJs]ScOuT made a new engine for the cup.

Most of the rules weren't changed, and the descriptions of all the stuff you aren't allowed to do will be added soon. You can enlist for the cup until Sunday, March 28th. One player can participate in both solo VQ3 and solo CPM. Also, it is possible to play in one team as a VQ3 or a CPM player.

Winners of previous cups:

Links: Registration, Rules and infos