The Team Liquid Starcraft baking contest has just come to a close. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place each receive 2 SC2 beta keys, with more than 60 entries out to get them. Prizes were updated at the last minute, and 4th through 10th will each receive 1 beta key during the second wave of beta invites, coming out later.

Final standing:
1st - Vincze01 (hatchery cake)
2nd - Vedic & Wife (marine cake)
3rd - DoomFish & Girlfriend (kerrigan cake)
4th - Pape (baneling cake)
5th - Wadis (reaver cake)
6th - Kalectotite (HQ cakes)
7th - piesamazing (zealot cake)
8th - Airen & Tox (drone cake)
9th - Musashi (ultralisk & marine cake)
10th - Coltrane & friends (zerg base cake)

I'm somewhat disappointed that we didn't take first, but Vincze's cake got hyped a ton on digg/reddit/etc. We'll be prepared if another contest like this ever pops up. Even still, I scored 2 beta keys! My second beta key is going to KeKs for all the great coverage/bets he has been posting every week. Keep up the great work. <3

Here are all the cakes in the contest: