I've spent alot of time playing on European BF2 servers, and almost every single "euro" say's rude, and hateful things about any American they see on the servers (at least the ones that actually speak english). I was wondering, is it just European gamers who hate U.S. gamers? Or is it all/most of Europe?

I was playing on a full 64-player Karkand server, I was playing as the USMC, and within less than a minute, all 32 enemy players were camping mostly at the main USMC spawn (where the tank spawns) they had even brought their own tank, as well as 2-3 APC's. The very insant you spawned, you were dead. While the euros on the other team were saying absolutely hateful, and even serious threats of violence and death to the all American players on my team.

Every European dedicated ranked BF2 server I have played on, I have been harassed by a European player.