Q4Max 0.82 is now available for download. There are 3 significant changes in this release:

Tutorbot. The tutorbot allows you to record and playback snippets which you can share with other players, or use for practicing yourself. For more details, see the page in the wiki.

cg_unsmoothclients. This new cvar (defaulted to the preferred value of 2), makes the prediction of the other players' positions more accurate, and so makes the game much more playable at higher pings at the cost of some smoothness.

The Domination gametype ("callvote mode dom"). This is a team-game where you gain points for your team by capturing points throughout the level.

Of course, there are also the usual assorted other tweaks and updates : extra SuperHud options, infinite ammo votes, and fixes for some invisible projectiles coming from nowhere, a gui bug leaking large amounts of memory on dedicated servers, and "the headless quaker" bug.
For full details, see the changelog.

Note to Mac users : Q4Max still runs on OS X. The Mac-specific package of this release might come at a later time. At the moment, just unzip the new file from above into your .81 install.