I haven't played in a while. But the other day i installed quake3 again. I also d/l cpma. Everything fine so far but i needed a cfg. I don't remember much cvars. First I looked if i had a cfg saved on a cd or something but no. Then i remembered that i might have a cfg under my profile here. And yes indeed. In the cfg i had typed how many fps on the timedemo and what hardware i used to have. It was +500 fps on a AMD 3200+ (2000Mhz), 1 GB ram and a GF 6600GT. I also used win xp back then.
Now I have a AMD x2 5600+ (2800Mhz ), 2 GB ram, GF 8500GT and win vista.
Running the timedemo only get me over 200fps. When playing bots - 1v1, team, what ever - i get framedrops from 125 down to around 100.
Where did the 300 fps go? Do i blame it on the cpu or win Vista?
I tried to use 2 cores with r_smp but it only crashed the game.