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If you've ever played the game Rocket League, it's obvious that the fast-paced, physics based soccer game is addictive; ...
Finding the best CSGO gambling sites in 2019 is not that easy. CSGO gambling has had a chequered past to say the least, with many sites being shut down and penalised because of illegal activity.

There is clearly a demand among some Counter-Strike lovers to bet on their favourite game but for the sector to be sustainable long-term, CSGO gambling sites must comply with the laws - primarily for the safety and security of esports fans but also for the sake of themselves.
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HoQ TDM 2v2 Summer Season 2020 (8 comments)
Posted by Drayan @ 13:22 CDT, 26 May 2020 - iMsg
Sign-ups for the HoQ Quake Live TDM 2v2 Summer Season will be open from Monday 1st June until Sunday 14th of June 2020.

The league will start on Monday 22nd of June, duration depending on the sign-ups (one match per week). Division 1 plays Monday at 21:00 CEST, Division 2 Tuesday at 21:00 CEST, Division 3 Wednesday at 21:00 CEST.

Check below for all needed information and sign-up! If you already have a player and clan account on House of Quake, feel free to sign-up right away. Otherwise make sure to register yourselves and your clan first.

Links: Website
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#tdmpickup 2020 draft cup #1 (14 comments)
Posted by Drayan @ 11:34 CDT, 18 May 2020 - iMsg
This Sunday the 24th of May, House of Quake will again be running a Quake Live TDM 4v4 draft cup. Signups are already open in #draft on the HoQ Discord.

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tfc 2020 - a fortress movie by davjs (5 comments)
Posted by lat-is-davis @ 16:04 CDT, 13 May 2020 - iMsg

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hi, i'm United States of America davjs.
you might know me as davis if you played duel in North America in Quake Live circa 2011-2016.
this is a Team Fortress Classic frag video.
edited together by davjs, aka lateral0lz.
the TFC community is seeing a resurgence as a result of the CoVID-19 Pandemic and I thought I'd take a moment to meld the old with the new and celebrate a game I have been playing since I was a teenager.
took 8 demos from the last 2 days, threw it together.

If you're an old Team Fortress veteran, I have good news! The Catacombs old database has been recovered. They have put up the site again at:
There are also several discords and a 6v6 league currently being ran with world wide participants. If you're interested!:
Team Fortress Beer League:

The Catacombs Discord:

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Quake Pro League Stage 3 Finals (93 comments)
Posted by diegowar @ 05:11 CDT, 13 May 2020 - iMsg
Date : May 15 - 17
Place : Online
When : Starts at 2PM CET // 8AM ET
Stream A : (days 1, 2 & 3)
Stream B : (days 1 & 2)

Because of coronavirus, the majority of upcoming events happening in the world have been cancelled (including QuakeCon 2020). It is a small consolation, but at least the Quake Pro League tournaments will still be played, with the finals happening online instead of at LAN.

Official news :
You can check the stage 3 standings and results here.
You can check the stage 3 finals brackets here.

United Kingdom GaRpY, Estonia cnz, and Canada GNiK are all back, coming from the challenger league, and are also joined by Argentina maxter.

And all the regulars will of course be there as well : United States of America rapha, Germany k1llsen, Hungary Raisy, United States of America DaHanG, Italy vengeurR, Russia Cooller, Sweden toxjq, United States of America psygib, Belarus cYpheR, Russia baSe, Canada cha1n, Brazil nosfa, Poland Av3k, United States of America dramiS, Sweden Spart1e, United States of America dooi, United States of America Effortless, Ukraine Xron, United States of America sib, Australia ZenAku

A title is at stake, and I'm sure you've all the reasons to be at home, so grab a snack, and tune in for some intense action.
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The Keep Warfork Charity Duel Cup (6 comments)
Posted by CrazyAl @ 07:55 CDT, 10 May 2020 - iMsg
United States of America The Keep are back with another Warfork duel cup. Taking place on Saturday 16th May at 12:00 CDT.
In light of the COVID-19 situation, weíve decided to host this event to benefit the Florence Nightingale Foundation who provide scholarships to the best nurses and midwives who then make a difference to patient care, policy and practice in their chosen fields.

Throughout this tournament, we will also be having a giveaway with Steam Keys and In The Keep T-Shirts, so keep an eye on the Twitch Stream!

All proceeds related to the stream and the tournament registration donations will be going to the Florence Nightingale Foundation! We hope that many of you will choose to participate in this tournament, regardless of skill level, to help support this effort!

This event requires a minimum donation of $1 to participate. The donation can be made to The Keep and be added to our donation, or, you can donate to the Florence Nightingale Foundation directly and provide proof of your donation.

It is perfectly acceptable to have someone else donate on your behalf, regardless of whether or not they are participating. More participants means more donations; feel free to sponsor your friends!
Players from all regions may sign-up by filling out the form on The Keep's website.

Stream: United States of America The Keep
Admins: United States of America GelmoSan, United States of America Zeb, United States of America TheMotherload
Links: Sign-up, The Keep Discord, Bracket
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OMG Quake Live CTF Draft Cup #7 (2 comments)
Posted by BaMoFu @ 09:29 CDT, 9 May 2020 - iMsg
OMG Drayan kept nagging me about not being allowed to leaeve his house and how he would break curfew if I didn't organize another ctf draft cup!

I guess we can't have Drayan roaming around somewhere in the UK breaking curfew right? So here it is, atleast, in all it's glory: OMG QL CTF DRAFT CUP #7? (Honestly, I have no idea xD)

We are going with the same format as previous cups, in other words; you HAVE to sign in to and make your stats public. Otherwise creating teams will be a complete nightmare, would also be nice if you could try to play a couple of games before the cup because of earlier mentioned reason.

Finding games is best done at House of Quake discord #ctf pickup. Hope to see you there, bring a friend or relative.

Ooooh, btw, we now thanks to MM have an awesome PROMO-video:

SIGN UP starts on sunday the 17th at 10:00 CET
Time: 07:00 CDT, 17 May 2020

* The final/ and or semifinal will be played between the two best teams or the group winners

Streams: twitch xiphos twitch vidjee

Hope to see you folks there! It's gonna be GLOROUS!
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QuakeCoff 2020 - The Holy Trinity COVID-19 Relief Tournament (25 comments)
Posted by Thump4 @ 23:41 CDT, 7 May 2020 - iMsg

Tournament Dates: June 4th - June 6th

Games: Quake I, II, and III

COVID-19 Donations:
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Rocket League as an introduction to Esports (11 comments)
Posted by FinnPierson @ 13:43 CDT, 7 May 2020 - iMsg
If you've ever played the game Rocket League, it's obvious that the fast-paced, physics based soccer game is addictive; with a quick matchup time and the option to play singles, duos, 3v3; and the game length being 5 minutes only, it's very easy to pick up and play. Rocket League is car soccer; just like soccer, but youíre driving cars that can flip and boost. The acrobatic technique can be difficult to learn at first- as all physics games usually are- but once you get the hang of it, can be an extremely competitive game.

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War Dogs Announces CPM Dog Pound Monthly (29 comments)
Posted by asdfasdfasdf @ 23:29 CDT, 5 May 2020 - iMsg
War Dogs Sound Off! WOOF WOOF

1. chalq
2. kwong
3. santile

Welcome to the War Dogs War Zone, where immortal champions battle for control of the Eternal Arena. The War Dogs are proud to present Chalq's Dog Pound Monthly, sponsored, created, directed, and maintained by Chalq. Featuring the largest North American prize pool in the history of 2020 North American CPM tournaments, Chalq has kindly donated FIVE HUNDRED heckin' dollarinos to the top 3 finishers, with 5 $10 Steam gift cards provided for randomly selected failcringe losers. Join the Dogs of War in the Battle Arena on May 16 for the first EVER CPM Dog Pound Monthly.

About the War Dogs
The War Dogs is a hierarchyless digital anarchogamer egregore that is + friendly and celebrates Inclusivity and Diversity. What is + friendly? Each and every War Dog leads a Unique and Meaningful life, and constraining such individuality to limited acronyms such as LGBT is inherently exclusive to the plethora of paths we take on our personal journies. Throw your paw in with the War Dogs to fight Bigotry in Gaming (and Nazis)!

Links: Discord Brackets VOD
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Interview with COOLLERZ on b100 eSports (21 comments)
Posted by n1ghty @ 05:14 CDT, 24 April 2020 - iMsg
In this interview the members of b100 Base and Sotnya are talking with COOLLERZ about his gaming career. They show some deep insight into his understanding of the game, mixed up with Base's impressions. The full Interview can be watched with english subtitles.

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TimCONLINE CPM Duel Cup #1 (14 comments)
Posted by CrazyAl @ 07:19 CDT, 22 April 2020 - iMsg
Welcome to the fist CPM event in the TimCONLINE series! This event is to happen in place of TimConLAN 9 which was cancelled due to covid-19. This is an open tournament taking place in European servers, however players from all regions are welcome to join.

The two-day event will take place on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd of May, 2020. Players may sign-up on Challonge.

Stream: United Kingdom TimConLAN
Admins: Scotland CrazyAl, United Kingdom Noodle, Sweden Kristus
Links: Bracket, Discord, Sign-up
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Warfork 3v3 CA Cup (22 comments)
Posted by CrazyAl @ 05:08 CDT, 15 April 2020 - iMsg
United States of America The Keep are happy to announce the Open Warfork 3v3 Clan Arena Tournament. Taking place on Saturday 25th May at 11:00 CDT Come one, come all and test your skill against all players! FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE!

Teams from all regions may sign-up by filling out this Google doc

Stream: United States of America The Keep
Links: Sign-up, The Keep Discord
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WOODTORY by n00k1e (Quake Live Race) (No comments)
Posted by n00k1e @ 09:07 CDT, 12 April 2020 - iMsg

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Quake Live RACE run on a beautiful speed map. This is a 1st place winning run which was submitted for a ď2020 QL One Map CupĒ (VQL physics) organized by Kool-Aid. The map was also designed by him specifically for this event. Special thanks to Kool-Aid, PrussianBlue, admins, all the donators and everyone who have participated.

All official records can be found on

ORLOE Ė Thousand Mile Stare

Greetings to the whole Quake community.
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Quakecon goes Quakecoff du to the Corona virus. (45 comments)
Posted by Ins0mnia @ 02:40 CDT, 1 April 2020 - iMsg
What supposed to be a big 25 year anniversary event that celebrates all that is id Software and Bethesda. Has been cancelled because of the covid-19 virus.

Whilst august is still far away, the staff of Quakecon reports that it's almost impossible to arrange everything in time while the virus still goes rampart over the globe and that the health & safety of everyone that is visiting the event goes first.

There for they saw no reason to continue QuakeCon for this year.

Statement from QuakeCon
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Jumping around (DIABOTICAL) (3 comments)
Posted by Smilecythe @ 17:42 CDT, 31 March 2020 - iMsg

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Nothing spectacular, just jumping around. These are some of the tricks me and Hardyrah have been grinding throughout the weekends. Some of these tricks might not be possible in the future, due to changes to map geometry, prop collision or movement physics.

Thanks to Mazu for once again helping with team jumps and Dodger for joining in as well.

Malcos: Misdirection (DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 2 remix)
Paul Hadame: Dawn of the Instinct (Killer Instinct remix)

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