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The past decade has seen a surge in the popularity of eSports. Millions of people tune in to watch different tournaments...
In the recent weeks, people have been playing the Quake Champion beta, and there have been discussions about various asp...
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Quake Champions new gametype and large scale open tech test (154 comments)
Posted by Teen Queen @ 10:52 CDT, 8 May 2017 - iMsg
Quake Champions will be open for everyone for large scale tech testing, from May 12 through May 21 - 9 days of 'open beta' available to all players who weren't lucky enough to grab a key. The servers will run throughout the whole semi-open beta period 24/7 with all champions unlocked.

Another big news is the announcement of the Sacrifice gametype. It appears that it will function similar to duel mechanics, a round based elimination combat - pick your champions and battle it out in the arena.

During the upcoming Tech Test, you’ll also be able to try out an all-new 4v4, team-based competitive mode: Sacrifice. Pick your teams and Champions wisely and work together to dominate the Arena in this new mode.

Next wave of beta will also be dropping the NDA.
This tech test will have no NDA, so expect plenty of impressions and discussion through the next week.

NDA expires on May 12th according to the official twitter.

Source: Official website
Links: Beta Signup/Official website, tweet @QuakeChampions, Facebook Facebook
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Quake III Arena - Down to the memory lane (1 comment)
Posted by mouse* @ 09:53 CDT, 8 May 2017 - iMsg

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Rating: 6.4 (8 votes)
All credits to Mazu

"CPMA 2009 - 2017. Shit a ton of demos thrown into a new movie. Duel, CA, TDM, CTF."

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ESL Unreal Tournament Duel Spring League 2017 (8 comments)
Posted by Wasteful @ 07:49 CDT, 8 May 2017 - iMsg
Scheduled: 10:30 CDT, 8 May 2017 to 11:40 CDT, 14 May 2017
Schedule: Passed

ESL is running Unreal Tournament Pre-Alpha Duel League! It started with open qualification cups, where top players qualified to the groupstage. The league is based in Europe, where best 8 players are playing in order to qualify to playoffs. Two groups are made of 4 players, where top 2 players from each group will qualify for finals.

All matches will be covered by Zaccubus and frag^m so expect some quality coverage.

Stream: twitch Zaccubus Stream

Stream: twitch mouz|frag^m Stream

Links: ESL ESL Announcmeent, ESL Twitter ESLUnreal, ut UT Pre-Alpha download, ESL League Rankings, ESL League Results & Schedule, VoDs
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DNF Vadrigar Duel Cup #5 (1 comment)
Posted by CrazyAl @ 07:14 CDT, 7 May 2017 - iMsg
Scheduled: 08:00 CDT, 21 May 2017 to 12:00 CDT, 21 May 2017
Schedule: Passed

Duel Noob Fraternity clan organises their fifth Vadrigar tournament on Sunday 21st May, at 08:00 CDT players can sign up on Challonge!

Admin: Austria Aesick
Stream: twitch DuelNoobs
Links: DNF Discord, Sign-up, Bracket.
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Quake Champions - Ranger Trailer, Previews (80 comments)
Posted by Badb0y @ 15:00 CDT, 3 May 2017 - iMsg
Another trailer for Quake Champions is released. This time for the beloved, teleporting RANGER.

From his origins in the original Quake, to his time spent in the bloody halls of Quake III Arena, Ranger is a legendary character who’s returning to once again wreak havoc in the arenas of Quake Champions. With his Dire Orb active ability Ranger can teleport to impossible ledges, dodge incoming attacks and much more. For more see

His backstory in QC:
Ranger has been fighting for his life ever since he passed through the Slipgate and into the Dreamlands two decades ago. He cut through countless horrors to find four eldritch Runes, and laid waste to the All-Mother, Shub Niggurath, which gave him access to the powerful Dire Orb. Now, time and delirium have taken their toll, stripping Ranger of his memories and name, leaving a soldier hell-bent on survival. Only a photograph of a family he no longer clearly remembers serves to help him retain some of his hope and humanity.

His backstory in QIII:
Originally a slipgate explorer, the man called Ranger has faced and escaped certain death a thousand times on a thousand worlds. His experiences have left him more alien than human now.

There are some new previews out in the open. i guess this is done with the official approval of id Software.

- Shack Chat

Help descriptions
- shacknews (see date may, 2nd)

- jackfrags

Also, id Software is sending out 3 beta keys for friends to beta testers per person.
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Quake Champions Ranger Trailer (5 comments)
Posted by iavoal @ 12:10 CDT, 3 May 2017 - iMsg
New map detected.
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Quake Champions – New announcer sounds (5 comments)
Posted by dmitrygulev1987 @ 13:32 CDT, 2 May 2017 - iMsg

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Rating: 2.9 (10 votes)
Hello guys, I'm a big fan of Quake games! And I was fortunate enough to participate in the closed beta of Quake Champions! I immediately noticed that the voice of the announcer this time became rather monotonous and listless. I decided to re-sound it considering my vocal and professional abilities!

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HoQ TDM Spring Season Round #5 (31 comments)
Posted by doz3r @ 12:16 CDT, 2 May 2017 - iMsg
The schedule for round 5 looks like this:

Wednesday 03/05/17 14:00 CDT
Div1 Russia KogdaKvad vs Europe Worldstar
Div3 Europe get armor frag bitches vs Russia Catz&Slipper

Thursday 04/05/17 12:00 CDT
Div3 Czech Republic Virtual Owners vs Poland Platige Team

Sunday 07/05/17 14:00 CDT
Div1 Europe Falafel Kings vs Russia B52

Monday 08/05/17 14:00 CDT
Div2 Europe Pandæmonium vs Russia Quake Brothers

Tuesday 09/05/17 14:00 CDT
Div3 Europe Placebo Effect vs Europe Chess Club
Div3 Europe get armor frag bitches vs Poland Platige Team
Div3 Sweden OverPowered vs Czech Republic Virtual Owners

Wednesday 10/05/17 14:00 CDT
Div2 Russia Raks vs Europe unnamedteam

Thursday 11/05/17 14:00 CDT
Div3 Russia Catz&Slipper vs Russia Anchors

Sunday 14/05/17 14:00 CDT
Div2 Europe I Love my Squad vs Russia Hey

Streams: twitch 102 twitch d1z twitch h8m3 twitch k1lljoy twitch luminus twitch proZaC twitch rehepapp twitch roumaniancham twitch xkisa twitch Xron
Links: Rules Schedule House of Quake mIRC HoQLeagues Twitter HouseofQuake
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The Promode League -- Week Two (18 comments)
Posted by xerosawyer @ 22:56 CDT, 1 May 2017 - iMsg
With Week 1 games all wrapped up, we enter into Week 2 of games for The Promode League. Below you will be able to find the results for Week 1, including their match pages (which contains match details as well as links to their respective VODs), and predictions/bets for Week 2.

Week 1 Results & VODs

Although Week 1 apparently features quite decisive games, there were some great games regardless. Our match of the week goes to Canada PERIOD vs. Mexico teotl. Even though PERIOD ended up winning all three maps, they were are all quite hotly contented games. As anticipated, the old-school veteran Canada Kwong-Lo carried the heavy load, with United States of America dys filling big shoes for Canada gellehsak who could not play. I would highly recommend to check out the very last game on The Hot Place (pukka3dm1).

I would also recommend Argentina MANGIERIS vs. United States of America GetServed. Both these teams are relative newcomers to CPMA, and both showed great competency in the game.

Week 2 Predictions & Bets

This week's predictions are brought to you by myself, United States of America naper, and Czech Republic neverGreen. Now that we know what shape the teams there will be less of an x factor when it comes to making accurate predictions, I think.

Streams: twitch nekontv, twitch xerosawyer
Links: cpma The Promode League, cpma Event Hub cpma CPMA Discord
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DNF Duel Noob Cup #16 (1 comment)
Posted by CrazyAl @ 17:01 CDT, 1 May 2017 - iMsg
Duel Noob Fraternity clan organises their 16th Duel Noobs cup on Sunday 7th May, at 08:00 CDT low skill players can sign up on Challonge!

Admin: Austria Aesick United Kingdom tKy South Africa nocturne
Stream: twitch DuelNoobs
Links: DNF Discord, Sign-up, Bracket.
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125 FPS QL Duel Season#35 Final (49 comments)
Posted by Nico_QD @ 11:35 CDT, 28 April 2017 - iMsg
Scheduled: 10:00 CDT, 29 April 2017 to 15:00 CDT, 29 April 2017
Schedule: Passed

The 125 FPS QuakeLive Duel Duel Season#35 Final (March-Apr 2017), will take place this weekend.

29 Apr 18:00MSK (17:00 CEST) - Group Stage, 2 groups (8 players) BO3 (mappick rule ++-----+)
=10:00 CDT Group A: Russia agent Belarus madball Kazakhstan prox1mo Russia nitrino - 2 pass to playoff
~11:30 CDT Group B: Russia base Russia iddqd Russia pavel Russia evil - 2 pass to playoff

30 Apr 18:00 MSK (17:00 CEST) - top4 final playoff

When: 29-30 Apr 2017, 10:00 CDT (18:00 MSK)
MapPool: Sinister, Furious Heights, Aerowalk, Cure, LostWorld,Bloodrun and Silence
Mapchoice - for groups stage BO3 + + - - - - + ; for playoff BO5 + + - - + + + ; for final BO7 (looser picks next map)
PrizePool: 17K RUB (1st 8000rub, 2nd 4000rub, 3-4th 1500rub*1+500rub*4)

Donate: 125FPS Donate link.
Streams: Russia 102, United Kingdom zLive, Stream's HUB
Links: Season#35 page, Event Rules, Web chat, 125FPS Balance 2015-2016
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The Promode League -- Week One (64 comments)
Posted by xerosawyer @ 00:32 CDT, 28 April 2017 - iMsg
A few weeks ago, we took a quick poll to see if there was any interested in CPMA 2V2 League. To my surprise we've been able to get 16 (technically 20) teams to enter a short league-style event.

The first week of The Promode League will officially kick-off this Saturday April 29, 2017, with a few games already scheduled, and rest almost ready. We have now released the full schedule, available below. Teams are welcome to schedule and play all their games as soon as possible.

We'll be bringing weekly updates, predictions, and bets. Russia Ryan_H has been kind enough to produce us a quick promotional video, showing off Left Behind, Sanctum, and The Hot Place.

Schedule & Rosters


A couple of chimed on with our opinions on this week's matches, who we thought would win, and win.

Stream: twitch xero
Links: cpma The Promode League, cpma Event Hub cpma CPMA Discord
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Piggybacking off of 'visibility' threads (7 comments)
Posted by Teen Queen @ 06:03 CDT, 27 April 2017 - iMsg
Here's a short opinion piece regarding requests for higher 'visibility'.

For the sake of the argument I'm going to assume most users requesting such features are veterans from previous iterations of quake or the like.

On a quick glance, game engines in the late 90ies / early 2000s had a very distinctive 'blocky' feel to it. Even round shapes appeared to be sloppy bent lines, makeshift solutions.

Take a look at Heavy Metal Fakk 2 running on id Tech 3 - the 'Colosseum' doesn't have a very round feel to it. Notice how the statue on the right of the player model is all chopped up and 'blocky'

Visual Cluster

Games that we're passionate about usually have less visual cluster, clean head up displays, minimalistic design and so forth. The year's 2017, while recently more and more video games adpoted clean, intuitive or even invisible HUDs represented in game design, the screens tend to be packed with more content.

Colors, Staturation

Do a quick run down of your favorite game and you can quickly define a palette - quake 1 uses predominantly greyish/brownish scheme, quake 2 uses slightly brighter brownish colors, inching closer to a dark orange. Quake 3 has a lot of red highlights throughout the maps and level esign, player models but retains the greyish-brown scheme to some extent. Now take a quick glance at quake champions - the colors are more vivid, aren't as washed out as previous titles, it's eye candy (to some) and a strain for those that literally lived their lives alongside older quakes.

Shapes, Lines, object complexity

Here's where it gets really interesting. Take a look at two random screenshots from Q3, pay attention to straight lines, level geometry, gun model

Lots of strong lines, clearly defined shapes, not much going in terms of variety - a clean level design that stands the test of time.

Now on to a screenshot from QC I snatched online -

Quite frankly, the gun model itself has more going on than the entire level from Q3. Plenty of shapes, an obvious lack of straight long lines, inconspicuous edges. In order not to cherry pick I used this image and am convinced that it's hard to come up with screenshots that would go against my theory - the level of fidelity is just light years ahead, attention to details, different technologies and rendering engines used..

Geometry plays a vital role in competitive FPS titles - levels need to be elegantly traversed, allowing for swift, fluid movement and fast paced action. Cramped corners usually remove the integral gameplay which provide compelling combat scenarios, skill based executions, eyecatching air rockets, light gun pins and other buzzwordy glory kills. Q3/Q2 level design simplicity allowed for greater mobility and 'shiny' frags. Map design, item placements etc are another topic though - I'm not too well versed in it.

Cosmetics, Consistency

Adding neon models, bright skins and similar visual aids clashes with the art direction - the screen is already cramped with visual clutter. It won't make the game more relaxing, more pleasing or more visible, it will just look out of place and in some cases even worse.

For the longest time, competitive gaming had a way to force models. Counterstrike had cl_minmodels (*cvar might have changed), UT had .ini settings (PlacedCharacterName= _____ ), quake has cg_forceEnemyModel ' ' - None of these games had 'classes' though, forcing all models as Slash for example would be very confusing if you end up getting blasted by Ranger's Dire Orb. There's also cosmetics that come into play and I'm pretty sure it would cause a downfall for in-game payable items if someone were to just tinker the settings to remove them.


What veterans are after is not bright skins but a nostalgia filled expectation for a period where games were less clustered with visuals, effects, particles and were built around 'primitive' engines which favored simple shapes/design, a more robust level geometry and similar remnants of the past.
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RUINS OF SARNATH map overview (45 comments)
Posted by Teen Queen @ 10:57 CDT, 26 April 2017 - iMsg
This time around instead of a champion preview we get one for a map - big enough for a team deathmatch brawl with some interesting key areas, hard to reach platform above Megahealth and quad area and potentially including a new protection powerup (indicated in the "Eye of Cthalha" screenshot and represented by a green pentagram). Plenty of jump pads connect the map, fast champions will have a blast flying across the map without cramped corners and hallways, heavy classes can control the map from the central area.

Art style is clearly defined, fast paced map flow and quick routes make item cycling quite easy.

Without further ado, here's the presentation video and some screenshots.

Source: Oficial website
Links: Beta Signup/Official website, tweet @QuakeChampions, Facebook Facebook
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HoQ TDM Spring Season Round #4 (11 comments)
Posted by doz3r @ 01:39 CDT, 26 April 2017 - iMsg
The schedule for round 4 looks like this:

Wednesday 26/04/17 14:00 CDT
Div3 Russia Catz&Slipper vs Poland Platige Team

Thursday 27/04/17 14:00 CDT
Div1 Europe Falafel Kings vs Europe Rekt
Div3 Russia Anchors vs Czech Republic Virtual Owners

Sunday 30/04/17 14:00 CDT
Div1 Sweden lastpick vs Russia B52 wildcard by B52
Div1 Russia KogdaKvad vs Europe Worldstar reschedule
Div1 Hungary Team Hungary vs Europe Falafel Kings wildcard by FK
Div3 Europe Placebo Effects vs Europe get armor frag bitches

Monday 01/05/17 14:00 CDT
Div2 Europe unnamedteam vs Russia Hey
Div2 Russia Quake Brothers vs Russia Raks
Div2 Europe Zombei vs Europe I Love My Squad wildcard by Squad

Tuesday 02/05/17 14:00 CDT
Div1 Europe Rekt vs Russia KogdaKvad
Div3 Europe Chess Club vs Russia Catz&Slipper wildcard by Chess Club
Div3 Czech Republic Virtual Owners vs Poland Platige Team reschedule
Div3 Russia Anchors vs Sweden OverPowered

Wednesday 03/05/17 14:00 CDT
Div1 Russia KogdaKvad vs Europe Worldstar

Streams: twitch 102 twitch d1z twitch h8m3 twitch k1lljoy twitch luminus twitch proZaC twitch rehepapp twitch roumaniancham twitch xkisa twitch Xron
Links: Rules Schedule House of Quake mIRC HoQLeagues Twitter HouseofQuake
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