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Hey Everyone! Here is another Interview. This time I ask Australia Newborn some questions about upcoming Arena F...
This will probably by my last attempt to actually save what's left of quake.

I first wrote this as a single huge "Wal...
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Newborn Interview (Reflex) (119 comments)
Posted by sulit @ 09:20 CDT, 14 September 2014 - iMsg
Hey Everyone! Here is another Interview. This time I ask Australia Newborn some questions about upcoming Arena FPS game Reflex. Reflex is a highly anticipated arena fps game inspired by CPM gameplay. In this interview, Newborn answers questions about Matchmaking, Ranking Systems, and esports support. Hope you guys enjoy!

Links: Youtube, Reddit, Twitter
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Hej or Die 5 (15 comments)
Posted by Hej @ 17:54 CDT, 11 September 2014 - iMsg

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Rating: 2.8 (8 votes)
Behold as Hej brings forth the fifth installment of the Hej or Die saga. Experience Planetside 2 in true HD with Hej Definition video technology.
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Ultraviolet - Volume I: Principium (4 comments)
Posted by uv-Max- @ 17:18 CDT, 11 September 2014 - iMsg

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Rating: 8.6 (6 votes)
Since the release of my previous movie - Requiem - back in January 2010, I have been focusing on graduating, which I did last June, and starting my career. Recently, I decided to dust off my old editing skills and try a little project that would not require me to spend nearly as much time on as my former movies back in the day.

It seems that there is no longer a vibrant ET moviemaking community, so I thought I would work on some videos to try and reignite some interest, since Enemy Territory is a game with great moviemaking capabilities. This time around, rather than use Sony Vegas, I decided to edit the footage solely in Adobe After Effects in an effort to try and become more familiar with the software, and I am pleased with the results.

Principium is the first of three retrospective short films, and is generally made up of footage from the very early days of Enemy Territory. In this volume, there are no in-eye frags whatsoever, although there will be in-eye frags in at least one other volume. It is not an ‘aiming’ movie, instead showing some spam frags from ET’s early days.

I have tried to improve and build upon my Camtrace3D skills and make something worth watching for everyone. Each film will be short and sweet and as they are all being worked on at the same time, so hopefully there won’t be too long between the releases of each volume.

Visually I have gone for a grittier, less saturated look in order to make it a little more 'filmic' with relation to World War II, rather than the more glossy and colourful style of some of my previous work.

Sadly, with the loss of ClanBase, there are a lot of demos with great material that will never again see the light of day.

Game - Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
Length - 3:15
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RICKROLLERS TDM 2v2 CUP (9 comments)
Posted by Kapiter @ 07:00 CDT, 11 September 2014 - iMsg
Poland KeRpaL proudly presents Warsow RICKROLLERS TDM 2v2 cup which will be held 08:00 CDT, 14 September 2014, sign-ups are opened !

Streaming: eatatmedve
Links: Sign-ups, Cup page,mIRC #RICKROLLERS
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300€ Editing Competition Promo Video (36 comments)
Posted by AnthonyP @ 12:17 CDT, 10 September 2014 - iMsg
Hey guys, my name is Anthony Perfetto and I represent the Style-Productions editing community. Right now, we are hosting an editing competition allowing editors to use any game they want for a chance to win part of a 300€ prize pool. It has minimal restrictions and is a great way to earn some cash while doing something you love.

We've recently released a promotional video advertising said competition and wanted to give you guys at ESReality a heads up. Style-Productions have always respected what the community has built on this site and we would be honored to have the members here submit something. Follow the links below to read the rules and catch the promotional video created by Oui, the maker of the Lollipops Counter-Strike series.

Links: Competition Updates, Competition Rules
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Fragged by Zagro (31 comments)
Posted by zagro @ 06:17 CDT, 10 September 2014 - iMsg

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Rating: 5.3 (40 votes)
Czech Republic Zagro presents his first Quake live frag movie made in few hours. Do not expect any super effects, this is simple frag movie like the ones from the old times - fast music, little synch, 5min +- long, little fun, pure quake and nothing more :)

Downloading the HD version from google drive or webshare is highly recommended!

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19th #CPMDUEL (58 comments)
Posted by SIHdW3W @ 07:41 CDT, 8 September 2014 - iMsg
Scheduled: 10:30 CDT, 11 September 2014 to 14:00 CDT, 11 September 2014
Schedule: Passed

#cpmduel brings you another dose of promode action in the form of cpma 19th Challenge promode duel cup held on 11th of September at 18:00 CET. We'd like to welcome all participants to chat via #cpmduel channel on Quakenet and everyone to spectate (hopefully there's gonna be a stream available). If you are interested, you can sign up! Rules are the same as last time. GL&HF !

Links: sign up, Cup page, mIRC #cpmduel
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Site summary for week ending 05 Sep (2 comments)
Posted by ESReality @ 18:00 CDT, 7 September 2014 - iMsg
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HoQ TDM Fall Season opens signups (17 comments)
Posted by doz3r @ 05:03 CDT, 7 September 2014 - iMsg
The summer is nearly over so its time for the ql Quake Live TDM 4v4 Fall Season. The signups are open from Sunday 7th September until 28th September.

Check below for all needed informations and sign-up! (If you already have player and clan account on House of Quake, feel free to sign-up right away. Otherwise make sure to register yourselves and your clan first.)

Streams: camera QLTDM camera funnyb
Links: Rules, Signup, mIRC HoQLeagues
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Destiny: a CPM defrag movie (18 comments)
Posted by Kabcorp @ 04:51 CDT, 7 September 2014 - iMsg

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Rating: 8.1 (28 votes)
Destiny, a new CPM Defrag movie featuring Z0RN.

Directed by Z0RN & Kabcorp
Edited by Kabcorp

HF =)
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ESH ONW #20 QLTDM 2v2 (21 comments)
Posted by doz3r @ 11:41 CDT, 3 September 2014 - iMsg
Scheduled: 07:00 CDT, 14 September 2014 to 15:00 CDT, 14 September 2014
Schedule: Passed

Another Edition of ESH ql Quake Live TDM 2v2. Cup will be held 14 September 2014 at 08:00 CDT, with check-ins starting from 07:00 CDT.

Check below for all needed informations and sign-up! (If you already have player and clan account on Esports Heaven, feel free to sign-up right away. Otherwise make sure to register yourselves and your clan first.)

Streams: Europe QLTDM Russia Elder_ru
Links: Rules, Sign up (requires ESH account) mIRC #esh.ql
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Quake Live Top Plays - Ep.3 (Season 1) (50 comments)
Posted by Regulator @ 06:34 CDT, 3 September 2014 - iMsg

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Rating: 7.1 (45 votes)
Episode 3 of the Quake Live Top Plays series. This time we have Top 5 CTF followed by Top 5 Duel.

Produced by Axel "Regulator" Bowen-Dale, Commentary by Daniel "ddk" Kapadia.
Submit your demos at qltopplays at hotmail dot com.
Links: YouTube WASD Gamers, Facebook WASD Gamers, Twitter WASD Gamers
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CPM Masters 2014 in the makings (254 comments)
Posted by EKSelenc @ 13:02 CDT, 1 September 2014 - iMsg
It is now time to get prepared for CPM Masters 2014. The next Cup is to start on late November, with finals being closed out somewhat at the end of the year.

November 2013 was a great month for cpma Promode. Not only did we hold the first Cup with a decent prize pool in a long time, but we also managed to fund it well enough to actually become the highest stakes' event ever in the history of the favorite title. What's more important, we stated, as a matter of fact, that we are capable of making such kind of thing happen all by ourselves, starting from the donations and through to the winners announcement. Love and passion for the game has been retained throughout the whole tourney, bringing spectators some of the finest jewels to marvel at, including matchups between veterans and newer players, adepts of different playstyles and approaches.

Donations are accepted via PayPal to from anyone willing to take part or show some support for CPMA CPM. Any sum is welcome, but this time the goal should probably be trying to beat last year's pool of $1,400. As for the tournament's format, the discussion is currently open to the community.

We welcome any members of the community to share thoughts on the upcoming event in the comments or on #masterscup. A news post on ESR will be made once the details has been worked out. Show your love for Promode once again! Donate for Masters Cup to be big this year.
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Faceit New Cup Format (80 comments)
Posted by easytarget @ 12:47 CDT, 1 September 2014 - iMsg
Hi to everyone, I know it has been awhile since we have done any updates in regards to Quake Live on our site. Well I am happy to announce that we have changed our cup format completely in order to offer our beloved Quake Live community the chance at some free daily cups. Please refer to the schedule below or visit us on the Faceit Site.

We have also decided to bring back and promote the beloved team aspect of Quake Live with some 4v4 TDM/CTF Cups every second Sunday, in the early evenings. These events will be held bi-weekly with the first event being TDM in EU and CTF in N.A. The first event will be at 11:00 CDT, 14 September 2014 in EU and in NA at 18:00 CDT, 14 September 2014 . We are hoping that some of the players who normally play and stream would be willing to help out and sign a team up and stream these events in EU.

Feedback in regards to these changes is always of course welcomed and we would like to know what you all are thinking. All of our cups will still be played in the Quake Live "Classic" style of play, they are still Bo1 until the Semi-Finals and Final which is Bo3. With all of the major updates that have occurred and are still coming, at this time we are not able to add any new Quake Live accounts to FACEIT Profiles. This is due to changes in the Quake Live API, which our systems are not yet in line with. Hopefully this issue will soon be resolved and very soon new Quake Live accounts can be added to profiles again.

Links:, mIRC #FACEIT, Facebook FACEITCommunity, Twitter @FACEIT, YouTube FACEITcom
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125 FPS September League, Playoff Stage (259 comments)
Posted by Nico_QD @ 09:23 CDT, 1 September 2014 - iMsg
Scheduled: 12:00 CDT, 23 September 2014 to 14:00 CDT, 23 September 2014
Begins In:

The 125 FPS Project is proud to announce 125 FPS September'14 QuakeLive Duel Season! As usual huge thanks to our sponsor Alexey A from the Moscow region and to the rest of the donators as well.

Cup Admins: Nico, []34[], Xron, Green (search on IRC or write to
Streams: United Kingdom ZLive Russia elder_ru, Russia 102
Links: Cup Website, mIRC #125fps
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