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What went wrong? (71 comments)
Posted by Gibaholic @ 08:19 CST, 1 February 2021 - iMsg
So I'm trying to recall what shitcanned q4 so hard at release, and QC seems to have gone down the same path. Can anyone describe a list of why Q4 was lashed at by the hardcores?
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How do you overclock wmo 1.1a on linux? (1 comment)
Posted by Gibaholic @ 14:40 CST, 20 January 2021 - iMsg
im curious to try out 8000hz on a wmo 1.1a, how can i do this in linux such as debian?
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Have they ever publically addressed netcode/engine..? (29 comments)
Posted by Gibaholic @ 19:47 CDT, 24 April 2020 - iMsg
I reinstalled for the first time in 3 years and the rockets are still some weird laggy Quake 2 type shit.
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this game is dead right? (33 comments)
Posted by Gibaholic @ 05:30 CDT, 28 March 2018 - iMsg
just makin sure
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intel optane 900p ssd pcie on my older setup? (4 comments)
Posted by Gibaholic @ 01:01 CST, 16 February 2018 - iMsg
I'm running a 3rd gen i5, gtx 1070 on a gigabyte z77x-ud3h mobo.

would I be good to go? or would this throttle my shit? no plans to use as a boot drive just to store games on
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Interesting WMO 1.1a differences (2 comments)
Posted by Gibaholic @ 02:54 CDT, 23 May 2017 - iMsg
So recently my old wmo 1.1a i had for a few years now had issues with the left click. I've retired it for now until I upgrade it. So i saw a new wmo on ebay for $12 shipped from the usa. New old stock. Seems legit to me, runs with the 500mhz driver fine. Anyways. the production dates are very close. I can't tell if it's 2003 or 2005. My other is 0303 so that's 2003 either way. anyway here's a photo. My main concern is whether or not i got an avago sensor instead of the superior MLT-04. the brand new one is on the right. You can see the marking differences yourself. I'll have to assume it's of 2005 production due to the differences.
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No console (41 comments)
Posted by Gibaholic @ 00:04 CDT, 21 April 2017 - iMsg
Even CS GO has a console...

With everything else piled on top.. I think i'm good on this shit

even the game i'll be playing has a console and it's rising storm 2...
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Any mouse modders in here? (5 comments)
Posted by Gibaholic @ 04:52 CDT, 6 April 2017 - iMsg
my wmo i've had for years is starting to act finicky with the left click. either double clicking or not regging at all. I guess common upgrades/fixes are replacing it with omrons? Would like a new cable non shit cable as well.. If anyone can upgrade this bad boy I'd highly appreciate it (of course I'd be paying) I'm in the USA.

No, i won't buy a new mouse. Rather not buy another WMO either if this can be remedied.
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Posted by Gibaholic @ 01:58 CST, 16 January 2017 - iMsg
RIP Paul Steed
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Do you remember when.. (30 comments)
Posted by Gibaholic @ 06:59 CST, 2 January 2017 - iMsg
Tim willits tried to bring quake back, it was called Quake 4
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street fighter V (No comments)
Posted by Gibaholic @ 23:12 CST, 4 November 2015 - iMsg
i foolishly missed out on the beta with doom alpha, boy did i fuck up. I've pretty much ignored the game at the first reveal cause i thought it was like SF4, after looking into it more and playing it a bit myself in training mode. I dig this A LOT more than SF4, i hated SF4.

is anyone else gonna be picking this up?
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DO NOT BUY DOOM 4 (49 comments)
Posted by Gibaholic @ 04:19 CDT, 23 October 2015 - iMsg
Edited by Gibaholic at 04:19 CDT, 23 October 2015 - 12632 Hits
15khz monitors..?? (12 comments)
Posted by Gibaholic @ 02:34 CDT, 6 June 2014 - iMsg
so an arcade enthusiast of mine linked this video card to me todsy

obviously not top of the line but it let's you game on arcade monitors and other 15khz monitors. What interested me was playing QuakeWorld at 15khz... would this be doable? what would the result be..?
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Wheel mouse (3 comments)
Posted by Gibaholic @ 20:30 CDT, 12 March 2014 - iMsg
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Screen tearing (6 comments)
Posted by Gibaholic @ 20:29 CST, 14 January 2014 - iMsg
So I recently upgraded my pc from a core 2 quad, 9800 GT, and some random intel mobo to an i5 3350p, 780 gtx evga and a gigabyte mobo and I've been getting tearing in quakeworld and counter strike and some other games. I've tried almost everything so far. Messed with hz and fps settings, disabled power saving mode, tried different nvidia drivers. I'm using a vga to dvi adapter, and I tried using a different one to no avail. I had used the adapter on my old set up and it was smooth as butter. Any ideas?
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KOF 13 (18 comments)
Posted by Gibaholic @ 00:44 CDT, 16 August 2013 - iMsg
So this is going to come out on steam next month. I'm pretty excited for it. KOF 13 is the only current gen fighter I've been interested in. i was bringing a kof 13 set up to local casuals in my city. Anyone else gonna be getting this?
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If doom 4 has... (3 comments)
Posted by Gibaholic @ 16:06 CDT, 13 August 2013 - iMsg
a railgun then I'm not buying.
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crt monitor issues (6 comments)
Posted by Gibaholic @ 20:19 CST, 7 November 2012 - iMsg
Bought a samsung syncmaster 997df off of craigslist. At first it wouldn't go past 100hz no matter what (even at 640) switched dvi ports (using a dvi to vga adapter) and now I can set it to 160. I keep getting these random screen tear/skips, no settings seem to fix it no matter what. in any game.. I've synced fps settings in qw/q2/cpm. and tried different settings. They affect it differently but it's still there. Any guesses? is the monitor just dying or something? I can't set any other refresh besides 160 or 85 and lower at 640 either.. ie 120hz won't work on 640.. the monitor just goes black and makes a ticking noise
Edited by Gibaholic at 13:46 CST, 8 November 2012 - 1424 Hits
UT2K4 lite install? (1 comment)
Posted by Gibaholic @ 18:25 CDT, 28 October 2012 - iMsg
I'd like to play this game again ins ome 1v1/ctf. Has anyone made a lite install that has the essential stuff for "comp" play without all the excess dumb shit like stupid player models/onslaught maps/ etc...
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doom 3 big fat gay edition problem (31 comments)
Posted by Gibaholic @ 12:59 CDT, 22 October 2012 - iMsg
How do I change my refresh rate in this shit? r_displayrefresh has no effect whatsoever. half the console commands don't even work anymore. and the game looks like shit. Game is literally unplayable atm due to screen tear and 60hz burning my eyes
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doom3 1v1/mp (21 comments)
Posted by Gibaholic @ 18:53 CDT, 11 October 2012 - iMsg
So since it's getting re-released. anyone think there'll be a bit of duels? what was really the downfall for this game? as I enjoyed the mp a bit.
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so when quake live fucks off (74 comments)
Posted by Gibaholic @ 22:53 CDT, 10 October 2012 - iMsg
You guys gonna come back to good ol' cpma?
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wmo 1.1a p/n question (13 comments)
Posted by Gibaholic @ 19:52 CDT, 1 October 2012 - iMsg
just bought a wmo with this model number X08-70400 is this the 1.0? it was advertised as 1.1a
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anyone got some old gfx cards? (19 comments)
Posted by Gibaholic @ 17:43 CDT, 1 October 2012 - iMsg
Need it for cs 1.6 qw/q3 lol..

Geforce 5/6/7 series or somethin like that

300w psu so nothin like 8 or 9 series

PCI only

Lemme know what you want for it
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DA OG 3G question (4 comments)
Posted by Gibaholic @ 09:20 CST, 24 November 2011 - iMsg
So should I update this to the latest firmware? I haven't updated in awhile but I always hear problems. I think my current is 1.2x also have the prediction / drift control whatever turned off. Also can anyone link me to a site that sells DA feet so I can add extras to eliminate the LOD? Thanks.
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raw input and steamcloud for 1.6 (No comments)
Posted by Gibaholic @ 01:37 CST, 3 January 2011 - iMsg
Hey, I'm trying to get support to have valve add raw input and steamcloud for cs 1.6. Since css gets it idk why 1.6 shouldn't.

Here's the thread here

If you play this game at all I'd really appreciate you voicing your support.

Thanks for reading.
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The Semen Connoisseur (2 comments)
Posted by Gibaholic @ 03:35 CDT, 1 April 2010 - iMsg
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qw at quakecon? (31 comments)
Posted by Gibaholic @ 03:07 CDT, 1 April 2010 - iMsg
Would anyone be interested in seeing qw being played at qcon instead of toy guitars?
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team binds for 2v2 (25 comments)
Posted by Gibaholic @ 00:27 CDT, 1 April 2010 - iMsg
Anyone have team binds for 2v2? Also, are they similar to the ones used in quakeworld? (ie: report status, ra taken, etc)
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Good places to play? (17 comments)
Posted by Gibaholic @ 21:31 CST, 4 March 2010 - iMsg
Can anyone help me finding servers or pick up games with people playing casually? I don't really enjoy playing on 32 player pubs with george clooney wavs.
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Help a quake player get 1337 (9 comments)
Posted by Gibaholic @ 06:32 CST, 25 February 2010 - iMsg
I've played starcraft like twice in my life. I reinstalled it due to all the sc2 hooplah and it's pretty sick.

I just suck alot of ass.

So does anyone have any tips for noobs like setting up hotkeys for protoss or anyhing? Cause atm i'm just using my mouse for everything.
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quake 2 weapon shake (2 comments)
Posted by Gibaholic @ 14:12 CDT, 19 March 2008 - iMsg
Is there anyway that I can remove the weapon shaking when it fires? Thanks in advance.
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