I'm having this problem when i'm connected to a Q4 server I keep being kicked out by PB after just a couple of minutes. The message I get is "General PB Client Authentication Failure - Reinstall PB if problem persists". I tried to reinstall Q4 and PB but the problem is still there.

Ever since I bought the game I've had to use this command to even connect to any server: seta net_master0 "". Otherwise I just get an endless "Waiting for authorization".

I donīt believe that my config is the problem because i've the same problem even when I use the default q4config (only adding seta net_master0 "" and enable PB to be able to connect). Can it be the net_master0 command that is causing all this? I've also checked my firewall settings and they seem ok.

Iīve come to think that the problem lies in my internet connection, but I donīt know what to do. Another weird thing is that when I use the ingame browser I get disconnected from the internet! It's like iīm getting flooded out or something. Btw, iīve have a DSL connection.

Iīve been searching for a solution for this problem without any help or progress. Hope somebody out there can help me before iīm going nuts.