The purpose of this journal is for you people to contribute tips tricks or techniques for things dealing with relationships of anything to create attraction.

here is my contribution

Rules: generally i'd say there are no rules and there isn't, but my rule/tip here for the guys that are clueless. don't be a nice guy, be a GUY who happens to be nice. so no gift giving/endless compliments and generally just being a nice guy. ...cause realistically a girl is more attracted to a jerk than a nice guy, ANY DAY. why that is? who knows. but that's when the play comes in, u take what both jerks and nice guys have and use it the right way. don't agree to everything the girl says, give your own opinion, not just because that's how you feel, but so what, the girl wants you to have your own opinion.

sarcasm and sense of humor is a BIG thing, i personally love girls with a sense of humor, i can say some of the craziests bizzare shit and it can be funny as hell, or just hilarious and i love it when the girl jumps into my reality and just goes along with it. but then there's these girls that have no sense of humor at all. and i'm like gawd, u're so lame, lol. in my opinion a sense of humor is a pinnacle point in what makes a personality that people like. fun no sense of humor = not fun, whining, pessimism = no fun, just thought i'd mention it =P

females are so sexual u'd be suprised how u can start talking about sex related shit and it wont cause any kind of akward thing, not unless it was presented the wrong way

back to the point of this journal:
chivalry learn it... the reason i'm mentioning this is because it's a big thing. and not everyone thinks about it, only maybe after it's too late (damn, i should of opened the door) or maybe u questioned urself if you should have. yes, you should.. females love when you open the door for them. you know simple things like that.

i want to hear some tips/tricks/techniques from you guys. things to do/say in different situations that really makes the difference

since no one has contributed anything useful, here's some contribution of my own

whenever someones voicemail comes on, i always say some stupid retarded shit. like just for example last time i called this girl, i was like 'oh my jeebus, ur voice is sooo sexxyy,' with this retarded ass voice, then i was like 'i'm kidding, u sound like a man... anyways...' lol of course she called back. there's diff. shit u can do to get a gaurantee call back, the key here is to be original or diff. from what other people do.

leave a message saying, 'oh, sorry about the message i left earlier,' or blah blah, ..they will def. call u back curious as hell wtf u're talking about since u hadn't actually left a message earlier, u just made it up. then u can just lie and say that you meant it for someone else.

another thing i've done that has got laughs
i already know this girl and i was hanging out with her during our break then she went to lunch and i went to class, as i was walking away, i called her cell and i was like 'hey, u think u're slick huh!? don't try to play it off, i saw u lookin at my ass' haha. she was crakin' up.. but if she wasn't and was trying to defend herself 'uh, no i wasn't,' then i'd be like, wow, u're a dork. lol, that's the word i use a lot. dork. u dork!