the following story is true. it's poorly put together + most of it is from irc logs. smth u gotta know before u read, my comp's on 24/7 and the hdd sound is pretty loud. =)

Session Start: Wed Sep 14 05:59:14 2005

smth just happened, if you're not busy. i was in bed a couple of mins ago. lights turned off / could barely see. watching the roof and the poster next to my legs. the sound of my comp's hdd... gets louder and higher pitched. ears start to ache. i want to turn around and look what's going on. i can't turn my head. i try to raise my hand, which i cannot do. felt kinda like you're in a strange body (suspect many of you haven't felt that :D, but can imagine), and you're just spectating and cannot take part in the important stuff, like deciding if that hand actually moves or not.. start wondering what the fuck is going on. time passes, i'm watching the poster next to me..the poster(garfield) starts to remind me of something. i'm still not sure if i'm sleeping or not, but my eyes are 100% open("i can sense being awake" though). the surroundings just blend into the poster, and i start seeing this wolf on my stomach, eating me(??don't know what). after a while i start realizing that if there really was something on my stomach i should feel the weight of it.
so i slowly start feeling a weight on my stomach. until i stop thinking about it. i try to raise my hand, same thing, can't do it. ears still ache and i hear the high pitched hdd sound. it comes always when i try to concentrate and/or use some muscles. i struggle to "wake up", like when you're having a certain nightmare and you know you gotta wake the fuck up before something bad hapens. i get to the feeling where one can already tell i'm all "awake". but my ears still ache, i feel weak and my forehead is on fire. and all that time i had my eyes open.

Session Start: Wed Oct 05 00:18:43 2005

Trying to get some sleep. the usual, laying on bed eyes closed.
i start feeling the same thing as 20 days ago. being in a body that fells asleep, but mind doesn't. starting to get afraid of the situation, then i hear this extremely loud bang(as if my ears blowed up) and see the room flash (once),i can feel something changed in the room but i can't see the difference. i start hearing this (not so) 'evil psycho'(you know what kind of)-laugh from somewhere around me, echoing to my ears. i start to panic as the thoughts fly by, the usual "oh no, not this again" being the fav. thought. trying to get up like the 1st time. same result. i'm all scared to death, trying to keep my eyes shut from the stuff outside. i hear some steps coming near the bathroom door. trying to yell something, not sure if the bath room visitor can hear it. i can't..
trying to get up like i did the 1st time, struggling. i feel like visiting the border of "awakening" a couple of times, and then i hear the mindblowing bang again, and get up.

what is common to both of these incidents that in both of 'em, i didn't eat much, and was aware that i can sleep late the next day.

and oh yes, i'm concidered contacting a doctor.
sry for grammatic errors too :)

update: found a way to reproduce this every night (not doing it)..
+some guy suggested i'm missing some vitamins or smth else, found nothing but paranormal shit when googled. =(