**ONLY INFO GIVEN NOT RELATED: Yes, it is true, the #1 thing to getting a female is confidence, females are all about emotions.

About me: I'm a heterosexual male. I'm not a metrosexual, pretty boy, or in any other kind of group, so don't label me, don't categorize me, I'm just me.

Though I'm a guy, and I only care about females, the intention here is to VISUALLY attract females, but non the less, it will also attract other people, wether they be straight or gay males

*******All females are bisexual*********
If you're trying to prove me wrong you're wasting your time

By that little fact right there, that means 2 things the more gay you look or the more you look like a female the more attraction you will get from people.

Hair: It makes such a big difference, it can make you look like a completly different person, I'm not gonna go into specific styles, I'm trying to make this short. But lets put it this way, if you've had your hair a certain way for all your life, or for a very long time (1+ years) it's time to change your hair style, wether it be color the whole look, or length. Get some magazines look for some celebrities, take it to the salon, and say 'hey i want this right here'. Or get some suggestions from females. My point here though is hair makes a big difference, and quite honestly, wtf, having the same hair look all that time? It's time for a change. (czm, no offence, you're cool, but that bowl cut is getting old)

HAIR IN GENERAL: ANY hair on your body is hair you need to maintain. Quiet personally i have never shaved my legs or arms, and you dont need to, but what's a must?
BUSH: First of all, asuming you plan to have sex at all, or do anything sexual, my gawd, do u seriously just let a bush grow? EIther trim or shave ur bush, and most def. shave the family jewels,
ARMPIT HAIR: same thing, either shave it completly, or simply, trim it, none the less TRIM.
ASS HAIR, most def. SHAVE it with a razor, no point in trying to trim it, u shouldn't have hair there anyways, now if you're gonna tell me that's gay? well you're a fucking idiot, good luck to u and ur dingle berries i'm sure u get shit stuck on ur uneeded ass hairs.
Backhair: got any? get rid of it
Chesthair: sure why not, but not needed

Facial Hair: Wether you like the facial hair or not that's your choice, I'd say female could care less either way as well. I also like to change mine around sometimes i'll have some sometimes i'll completly shaev it, nonthe less make sure to maintain it, sometimes you can even have the scruffy look

I know some people who haven't grown like any other facial hair but they have a mustache, and have never shaven it once, ...sometimes i think to my self, hmmm, why dont they shave it, cause quite honestly they look like of retarded, either that, or i'm just thinking they could look better. If you have never shaved your mustache, just go ahead and do it, what are you afraid of? there's nothign to be scared of

IF YOU SHAVE YOUR MUSTACHE IT'S NOT GONNA GROW BACK FASTER AND THICKER IT'S A LIE, SO DON'T BE SCARED TO SHAVE IT. and if you've never shaved it... damn, wouldn't you like to see what you look like, i bet the first time you shave it, people will be like 'wow',

and in general, wouldn't it be wonderful if someone just walked up to you and told you what they thought, it's not even about caring, but just about hearing opinions

Nose Hair: I have this perticular friend, not real close friends, but just some casual friend, well, he has crazy ass nose hair, i'm a guy, but hell yeah i notice the shit, he has like strands fucking hanging out his nose... I don't tell him anyhting cause i don't want to 'be an ass' or embarass him or some shit, but, DAMN YO, if you have nose hair like that, I'm telling you, GET A NOSE HAIR TRIMMER, and trim that shit, if I notice it, females will most defenately notice. Maybe you're one of those people who had notice the your nose hair berfore but you didn't know what to do about it, or quite simply so clueless, you dind't know it was an issue, well i'm telling you right now, it's lowering your points. Make sure when trimming to just get the crazy outer hair, you shouldn't be going deep into your nose.

Eyebrows: This is one area a lot of guys dont pay much attention of, but I can tell you first hand, it makes a big difference in your look. Most certainly if you have a unibrow or hair inbetween your eyebrows, that's the first thing you NEED to do, is remove it, get some tweezers and just pluck inbetween. Now to the actual eyebrow, you dont need to have girl thin eyebrows, but bushy ass eyebrows that are all over the place are nothing special either, now if you get more a clean down look that will be just fine. Either get one of your female friends to do it for you, or go to the salon and get it waxed, tell them you want a clenaed up look, but not too thin, I STILL WANT TO LOOK LIKE A GUY, not like i'm gay (for those of you guys scared of loooking like a girl), but lets put it into perspective, it's better for it to look too thin, than too thick, kind of like jeans except in reverse, it's better to have some jeans that are too baggy than too tight am i right? (you will literally have females walking up to you going like 'wow, you have some nice eyes' or some other shit, and it had nothing to do with your eyes, it was just your eyebrows, it's just that they didn't even know what it was, others will notice it's the eyebrows and will be like 'wow, do you arch your eyebrows' non the less, it's amazing how big of a difference eyebrows make

ANYWAYS, get them wax, and then when you see hairs growing back in, get a tweezer and pluck out the hairs, and you can maintain it yourself, either that, or keep going back to the salon to get it done, but that's $$$$, who wants to do that, you can maintain it yourself

Glasses: If you haven't tried contacts you should try them, but glasses are ok, just dont have some ugly oversized grandma frames

Lips: No one wants to see crusty dry ass lips, so if you have a problem with chapped lips, USE CHAPSTICK

Oral Hygene: This is very obvious, keep your mouth clean, and the whiter the teeth the better, you don't want to look like railmccoy, that's a big no. Keeping mouth clean: Some people may have grown up with badhabbits, some people wakeup and never brush their teeth, well what I would recommend is to make brushing your teeth the very FIRST thing you do in the morning. Do you eat breakfast? Well you SHOULD, it is the most important meal of the day like they say, but my point of mentioning that is that YES, don't wait to eat and then brush your teeth. BRUSH YOUR TEETH AS SOON AS YOU GET UP. As far as brushing again afterwards.. that's your choice. For those of you who want extra help in cleaning their teeth, there's a pre-brushing mouthwash product called PLAX Anti-Plaque Dental Rinse, that will help get rid of fresh plaque. I currently wear braces so I use all that I can including a flouride mouthwash to keep teeth strong, you shouldn't really need that though. Now for the health of your teeth you NEED TO FLOSS. Brushing teeth AND flossing will prevent gum recession. Any blood at all from brushing or from INITIALLY flossing if you haven't in a long time is a sign that you have gingivitis.. but don't be too worried, gingivitis is reversable, but if you dwell too much, you will go to the next stage, that IS NOT reversible, this stage is called a periodontal disease. Periodontal is determined when this probe like thing is stuck inbetween your gums and teeth to see if it goes down a certain amount. For you people without braces, for your convience there are these certain brush looking things that will hold floss for you, and this could help you get through flossing faster. I'll also like to mention this tool, not exacly new but not used by that many is the tongue scraper, you can find these in the store where the other oral hygene products are at, basically you use this to scrape your tongue which is said to be one of the main places where mouth odor is comming from, so this will help keep that down. Regardless if you have a tongue scraper or not after brushing your teeth you should brush your tongue, of course you should all know this). Then I recommend following with listerine mouthwash, I personally still use the original listerine, but none the less listerine is great.
1. Brush
3. LISTERINE mouthwash

STYLE: Now about your style, develop your own style, other than this, don't be scared to explore outside your norms, go out and shop with a girl, it's good to completly change your look, especially if you're looked one certain way for most of your life. Develop your own style, take different things from different people that you really like, and incorporate it into your own. Don't dress like a fucking geek, NOT UNLESS, you have the complete confidence and personality to be able to pull it off, in which case you shouldn't of been reading this text to begin with. Because like I stated above, CONFIDENCE IS THE #1 THING THAT CAN MAKE YOU ATTRACTIVE confidence is only attractive in the PHYSICAL sense when it involves a radiating vibe and body language that goes along with it and that's not what this test was about, but about being Physically Attractive to others.

Have your own unique look. Also, have you ever seen something that you were like 'that's cool,' but for some reason you wouldn't dare to try that yourself, or for some reason, you didn't buy a certain brand of something for some odd reason. Well move forward and forget about it, It's all about risk, not taking a risk is a risk in a self, in a long life of dullness and a constant of repetition.

Socks: I'll go ahead and mention socks, white socks are retarded as hell, wear w/e you want, but white sucks. (in general)

Piercings, Tattoos: I'm not gonna go into detail but I'm just gonna mention that Piercings can enhance your look and create attraction... If you're gonna get your ears pierced... you know you do what you like, but quit honestly, screw the whole one ear thing, get both pierced, I'm wearing some hoops right now. Yes, people are attracted to it, and when i say piercings I mean some basic ear piercings, basically nothing too over the top, because then you would be put into another category, then people wont necessarily be more attracted because of the 'bizzare' piercings in peoples eyes, but it'll basically appeal to less people specifically older people, so some basic ear piercings can enhance the look... as far as tattoos, I'm not exacly gonna back it up, I don't like the whole idea of having something 'permanent' on your body, and from what I've heard from many people, including my sister who has about 5 tattoos, she says she wishes she never got them, that she was "young and stupid," well that wasn't her trying to convince me, cause I already had my mind set that I didn't PLAN to get any tattoos, she was just telling me. So don't make a mistake and just get a tattoo like that, and to tell you the truth, tattoo can 'look cool' but it doesn't really create much physically enhancing attraction.
yes, i just had to take out the 'jewelry' part thought by that, that jsut consisted of 'body jewelry' aka piercings as well as the common thing of 'rings' that can be cool too, but yeah, i'll just 'leave jewelry out, ofcoures its completly optional, but the word 'jewelry' does 'sound' kind of feminin, lol

Body langugage: Stand up straight, don't look nervous or look like you don't know what you're doing, people can clearly see that you don't if you don't. When sitting down don't ever cross your legs, and be steady and not a whole lot of movement and readjusting. When walking think of waves of your energy just going accross through everyone FEEL confident, if making eye contact, never look away first.

Facial Expressions:Change up facial expressions, are you always looking serious? Change it up a bit and look friendly, put out a smile. You always smiling? Look serious, either way you will get people going like '..hmm'

Fitness: This one is kind of obvious, GET IN SHAPE. When you're in real good shape, you can pretty much pull off any look just cause clothes fit so good. I'm not talking about about becomming a body builder, just getting in shape. Over weight? http://www.halls.md/body-mass-index/bmi.htm lose weight.... if you start to lose weight, you'll eventually notice that it's not all about 'losing weight' but losing body fat, body fat under 10% is pretty good shape, to put it into perspective, i'd say 8% and less body fat is 6pack material, so you need to workout, not just watch what you eat, intitally concentrate a lot more on the lower body, DO A LOT OF SQUATS, your thighs/legs contains the biggest muscle group in your body. When you workout that region and develop more muscle, as you've probably heard before, it BURNS MORE FAT, and that is our goal here. Of course you should be working out both uppre and lower body, but most def. make sure to work the legs.

Skin Tone: I almost forgot about mentioning this till I read stoneeh mentioning it. The human brain is wired to be naturally attracted more towards nice even skin along with other things. So my suggestion is, if you have never gone tanning, GO TAN. Darker skin toned people are known to tan to even out skin tone, so it's beneficial for all, not just for the pale. Tanning is huge one, I dont know how i missed it, it's huge because it really enhances the look. There's a many benefits to tanning and I'll list a few... #1. You simply look healthier, you have this like glow to you, and it's just way more appealing/can help even out skin tone. #2. Tanning can help get rid of acne, yes, it's true. #3 when you go out in the sun or in a tanning bed, you body naturally develops vitamin D #4. Tanning gives your body protection against getting burnt in the sun. Of course when you initially go tan for first time you're gonna want to start off at very low minutes, if you're REALLY pale, like some of you I know are, you probably shouldn't start at more than 5 minutes, and that of course conists of turning in diff. positions while lying on the tanning bed. I don't have to go into completly detail about it because for one it's not complicated, and 2 any tanning salon will tell you exacly what to do and recommend how many minutes to go in if you haven't done it before (if they're half decent anyways, they should be, if not ask) but you should be turning in it. One last suggestion with that as well is if you're using the gogles, make sure you move the goggles slightly on the sides around your eyes so you wont get what is known as 'raccoon eyes' which basically you can kind of tell that they have been tanning because the eye area will be slightly diff. color. That's for standard bed which is what I recommend, though there's diff. kinds along with stand up tanning ones, and as for eye protection, make sure to always have it, even a towel over ur eyes would only stop like 3% of the uvrays, w/e none the less you need eye protection, you shouldn't want a towel over ur head anyways, but that provides very little protection if any, plus you want you face to get tanned that's the first thing people will notice
Quicker alternative to tanning would be mystic spray tan where you go in a booth and you get tanned from this spray that is sprayed all over, you essentially get same effect, but there's downsides, #1. More expensive #2. Doesn't naturally protect your body against uv rays, doesn't give any protection whatsoever #3. basically no benefits other than getting the 'tan' itself, probably wears off faster than a 'real' tan, dunno, never had it done
(as far as the 'sunless tan' that you can buy at the store in bottle form, I wouldn't recommend it at all, because it is known for not comming out very even, plus the other solutions are better, and much better experience (new experience) if you ask me. but yeah, the problem is that it doesn't come out even, so stay away from the 'sunless tan')

Skin: Come on, if you have acne, get some Pro-Activ. Other than that, get some face wash (soap isn't good enough) like noxzema, use it before going to sleep, and in the morning out of getting out the shower

Body Odor: You do not want to smell, always, wear deodarant. Cologne is def. not a necesity, the idea here is to simply not give an unpleasant odor. I personally use degree Anti-Perspirant & Deodarant, though just an Anti-Perspirant can be enough. As far as Cologne, and such.. I would say it's kind of outdated, I still have some I have around, but if I plan to have on some kind of scent, I just use some body spray like AXE for one it's cheaper than cologne and yes it smells good, and I spray it all over, and yes on the family jewels as well. Bottom line it's pointless to use cologne anymore (my view anyways).

(like I mentioned, the important here is about not having an unpleasant odor, as another thing i leave you to. Comfort is about not experience discomfort.)

*********There's is so much more I could write about, and a lot more other aspects that actually go into interaction with the person, but this was to simply inform the completely clueless in the Physical Appeal area.

**ONLY INFO GIVEN NOT RELATED: Yes, it is true, the #1 thing to getting a female is confidence, females are all about emotions.