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Rating: 7.6 (56 votes)
Thats right people, UTK2004 'A teamkill movie' has been released!!! This highly anticipated masterpiece is now unleased to the public so don't form an orderly queue because all you have to do is click the link at the bottom.
Made by and featuring yours truely, accompanied by ESR superstar THERAILMCCOY (aka flakhammer), this promises to be the (teamkill) movie of our present year. Without trying to give too much away the movie features film clips and a 'special soundtrack' that im sure you'll all be familiar with! Because all the kool gaming movies have The Matrix and Linkin park in.. right?


ALSO! features the actual voice of THERAILMCCOY (well it's not his true voice.. but you'll understand if you download).

Only the Levitation mirror works these days