July 1st, 1999: *Sound of baby crying*: Or around that time, 3 people decided to form a Netquake team, they dubbed it QuadQuakers..
These people named Shadow(USA), Bludgener(USA) and Björn(Holland) started a team that lives until now, one of the older teams still around.
Let's look at what happened shall we..

June 1st 2000: Blastoff: The first recorded match, we may have had some matches before that, but this is the first on the match page, QQ got their asses handed to them by clan Neptune, but the match report promises that it will get better, haw haw :P.

October 4th 2001: Megawar: A tradition was started, having 3/4 teams at the same time play 2v2v2v2, a nice initiative, 4 of those were eventually held, with QQ winning 2 I think :) wp gg lads :D

January 24th 2002: Quake 3 Arena, TDM: Yes you've read it right, the true calling of clan QuadQuakers took a hold of us that day, with our very first Quake 3 team game.
QuadQuakers vs Team Fire, lineup: Cr0zz, Geds, Mop and Systemkrash got beaten by ONE frag on pro-q3dm6, 126-127 (losing close games is a QQ tradition we've kept in honour until this very day), and getting beaten 77-117 on q3dm7, But it was a nice start for our first team game :)

A while after our start at Quake 3 we got accepted in the barrysworld TDM league, division 5.
I'll leave the dates from here on.

Not having too good a start to the league, we didnt really have high hopes on winning anything that season, but it turned out differently.
The breaking moment in the season was our greatest result ever, with us taking our first ever, and only map off No Visible Remorse.

We got promoted, Division 4, here we come!

May 2nd 2002: Yours truly vs QQ: At that time I was captain of a small and rather unsuccessfull TDM clan called Intoxicated Flesh (hello lads!), looking for practice games we stumbled into QQ, and decided we'd give them a go.

QQ Lineup: Cr0zz, Geds, Mop, Psyco(Zion Merc), Dan-_- (over 2 maps)
IxF Lineup: Kikster, R3wd, LaZyDoG, Kikster, Lunx (over 2 maps).

We got well beaten, but yet had a fun time vs QQ, and from that moment on I was furniture in their channel :)

After that QQ took up freezetag, we played one season in the BWFT league, which turned out shite cuz we got placed in a division about 372371371237123 times our strength!
But, FT would certainly later prove to be a big influence for us, more on that when it matters :)

July 2nd 2002: IxF vs QQ, the last IxF game ever: This was supposed to be just a practice game, and it was..Apart from the fact my little child IxF folded soon after this game, which was a shame..and left me clanless.
A good game none the less :)

July 11th 2002: QuadQuakers goes CTF, The legacy begins!: QuadQuakers starts off with CTF, our first game vs Clan UK is a fact, and a win right away, happy joy!

In the mean time, yours truly had joined the friendly lads over at Clan Zion, nowadays known for the great movie, and we played QuadQuakers in the BW TDM league, and basically kicked their asses, which was nice :D
Still, after some time Zion fell apart, and I was yet again orphaned :(

November 5th 2002: Yours truly (DeXteR) Makes his debut: After skillfully bluffing my way into QuadQuakers and lying about my skills I was finally accepted to join their ranks, my official QQ tagged debut was a fact vs Unknown Quantity or uQu as they call themselves, from this moment on I called #quadquakers on quakenet my home \o/

This was one of our strongest periods in the QQ History, Our clanlist in this period and a bit after sported big names such as: aRnz, KaZ, Para, Viol, Beetle and the rest of the gang was basically hidden behind these, we went on to win Barrysworld division 4a TDM and nearly promote from CTF division 3, things were looking good until 'The Icelandic Connection' was cut, and Para, KaZ and Arnz left us :(

Next TDM season was one big defeat, without our top class players we got blown out of the water, and quickly routed to the bottom of the division and back down to division 4, after which we played 2 more seasons of BW TDM division 5, and quit TDM shortly after

February 19th 2003: Freezetag CB division 2, go!:
This was the kickoff to our finest season ever in any league, we won 2-1 in maps vs ERZ, the map we lost vs ERZ was the only we lost in this division, and we went on to beat Clan Dirty Rotten Imbeciles in the final by 3-0, wp by us.
A short while later we also won BW division 3 freezetag, and quit this mod forgood soon after :)

June 9th 2003: Cloud 9 Connected, The American friendship: A tradition started this day as Mark (cl0ck) Joined QuadQuakers to play some european leagues for us besides his regular schedule for Cloud 9, doing quite well indeed, He didnt stay for long, only 6 months or so, but he sure made an impression on how we play CTF today :)

This is the last piece of QuadQuakers history, At this moment we are active in Jolt and Clanbase Q3 CTF leagues, we have members from 7 different countries.

From Poland there's Martin aka Metoda
From Sweden there's Chris aka Manglarn
From Holland there are: Björn aka Björn, Marius aka DeXteR and Ruben aka Jehuty
From the USA there's Bryan aka Dynomite
From England there are: Richard aka Quicksilver, Michael aka Tapley, Ollie aka Breeze, Andrew aka Light and Matt aka Monk
From Scotland we have Chris aka Nikon
And last, but certainly not least from Germany, Mathias aka muRdoc

This is our current team.

Finally I'd like to thank some of our influential members from the past, some of which i've had the pleasure of playing with, others I know only from the site, big props to:

Bludgener, Shadow and Magnum for starting things up :)

From England I'd like to thank: Katteh, Beetle, Mop, LiFe, Morphy, Ballast, Alienated and cr0ssfire
From Iceland I'd like to thank: Para, KaZ, aRnz and Reyn1r
From the USA I'd like to thank: cl0ck

Also a big shoutout to all the clans we've played in the past, you know who you are!!!


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