Where are all the Quake Demos from Demolitions or the 4v4s or any of that stuff from Quake 1 Legends. Are you trying to tell me that there are none out there, I do NOT believe it. We FREQUENTED kitty1.stanford.edu as a primary public server to use for pug games and you are telling me there is just mysteriously no record of anything from Legends being undefeated in CTF, CA and 4v4??? Not to mention the fact that I beat Dennis in the Human Ingenuity tournament so badly that he did NOT invite me to DR from Legends in order to hide it?

If you do not know who I am look up the finalists for Red Annihilation or ask ANYONE that was on Legends or ANY of the Quake 1 pros from Netquake.

BTW, NONE of use Netquake players knew the spawn rotation, we paid attention to map or item control NOT spawns. So do not respond with your rookie comments about spawn running, you do not know what you are talking about.