Hello everyone,

This will be long winded and I apologize, there is a lot to cover.

I go in game by Rehab and I like to think I am an experienced 1v1 afps player. Recently I decided I wanted to get back into quake3 which turns out was a horrible decision.

I had been playing and really enjoying OA and was pointed to the q3retro community. I love q3 1v1 so it seemed like a no brainer. I first dabbled in Nov, but really started playing about Dec 30.

I joined the discord, played some 1v1's, and started to get to know people. I talked with several admins, played games with them, and helped them with 1v1 maps and settings to improve q3retro. All seemed to be going well.

This changed while I was playing against "pennywise" who was an admin and decided that I was hitting too many prediction rockets. I was banned mid game for wall hacking without anyone even seeing my pov and with no demo evidence. This raised some red flags immediately. If he had asked I record our games and provide the demo, I would have happily done so. I have since set up autorecord.

I was able to work with some other admins who realized this as a mistake and I was reinstated on Jan 3. Afterwards I continued talking with members of q3retro, playing with and helping the admins, and playing 1v1's on the retro servers with no complaints.

Fast forward to January 9th and I am playing a player named Hatred AKA Ares AKA Moster. I won the first game, and then they disconnected and reconnected immediately followed by a player who I now know was the admin ZydaneX.

This video is one of 5 games that followed, where Moster was given items he did not pick up such as weapons, health, and armor by the admin ZydaneX.

In that video you can clearly see he spawned LG, went MH, RL, then immediately pillars. He is at YA at 00:10 yet some how he has a rail. This game was shared with the community and everyone determined he was definitely cheating. The rail at start was the most obvious, however not the only instance.

Despite catching Moster cheating, the admins were suspiciously silent or even defending him. It was about half way through Jan 10 after exposing Moster that I was muted in the discord and the following video was posted:

There had been a week long campaign involving multiple admins behind the scenes to record me playing and find any instance that looked like a wallhack, piece them together in a video with no context, and frame me for cheating.

Unable to defend myself, I had to reach out to an admin via DM to be unmuted and live stream 1v1s over discord vs both admins and Moster.

Live streaming convinced the admins, however their solution was to never bring this incident up again and I must change my name as it is now tainted by them telling everyone I was a cheater for the past week. I was unable to do that as I still had to respond to the video, and I was obviously a little upset.

In the response to the "wallhack" video, almost every shot is very standard and taken out of context as short clips instead of full games. The only thing to point out is the foot step heard at 3:04 as it does not play for the initial clip leading me to believe the footage was also possibly doctored. This is the worst attempt at "proof" I have ever seen, and is simply character assassination.

At the end of this the admin ZydaneX had admitted to helping Moster cheat as he finds q3 boring and enjoys cheating more than catching cheaters. Moster also admitted to cheating. Neither received any backlash from the other admins. I ended up being banned from the discord for continuing to talk about it with interested parties.

Here are the screenshots of the admin admitting his wrong doings that ultimately got me banned on Jan 11:

Here are some taken later in the day of Jan 11 of k3lg3r the q3retro owner defending zyd's actions:

I had been active in the community for less than two weeks, caught a cheater who was let go, exposed an admin who was cheating, was frame for cheating, cleared my name, and got banned from the discord for posting further evidence of actual cheating.

The administrators help players cheat, cheaters are protected, and as a new player to the group I was framed for cheating and removed instead. 1/10, do not recommend q3retro. Has good duel maps though.