Hey, what do you guys think about this game? Honestly? I know that it can be controversial to post it here but I will try.

For me it's different game than afps but I think it's not that bad, I disliked it with first try but decided to give it a shot. First time playing Halo game. Not sure if I will able to play it any longer... But here is my opinion:

- game runs pretty ok
- quite chill
- it's not that easy to kill someone
- pickups
- powerups
- grapple hook
- visuals
- it's not another BR so you can shoot things
- team play

The stuff I dislike:
- a little bit slow, spartan feels heavy
- weapons are meh
- fragging could be more satisfying
- melee combat is stupid
- similar with grenades but less annoying
- hit reg feels kinda broken
- oddball game mode
- auto regen shields
- you can carry 2 weapons max
- designed for consoles

There are not so many fps games to play right now that are not BR or like Val / CS sooo...