Quake Endgame - Battle Royal

A Battle Royal with TDM, Duel, CTF, Attack and Defend all in one game, all from all Idsoftware Titles. Brining all quake communities together. (Big plus)

Taking the best parts from Quake, Doom, Enemy Territory Quake Wars, Rage.

Create a Battle Royal, like Warzone with Doom's excellent open maps, integrated with maps across the quake series, items to pick up, PQL physics, Grapple, Vehicles from Rage, Crossbow from Rage, ET Advanced vehicles, challenges mid map, teleports, jump pads, deployment in air, vamp damage health reclaim, powerups, Circle closing with zombies in the gas etc.

Something to compete with the trash battle royals like Fortnight and Warzone (Which actually looks quite good, apart from the cheaters, and its all hitscan spam.)

Enemy Territory nearly made it, Rage was great fun, the vehicles are far superior to Fortnight and Warzones.

I'd say this would be much fun with Dooms incredible landscapes and textures. (Also make a thin graphics client, for lower spec PC's and Consoles like xBox, and ensure it is for all ages not restricted to over 18's) More money it makes the better the community.

Integrating Attack and defend into the map could be interesting for cash to spend on perks. Integrating capture the flag on the map, would also be interesting for players not to sit in one location, but give options for cash rewards if they managed to cap.

Idsoftware series has great experience why not bundle the best features.

Syncerror perhaps has too much on his plate, but integrating all of the best features from each idsofware title, can only be a good thing, with Doom's brilliant open maps?

(The gulag in warzone was taken from quake 1 arena where u could spec the players, from a balcony, watching down in a queue, on the players doing a 1v1 single round elimination, winner stays on)