What do you think?

This player has been accused of cheating. He continues to say he is clean. However he is banned from one server, for Wallhacking and Aimboting hacks allegations.

At 1x speed, can seem normal, to a certain extent. But slowed down to 0.25x speed can be clearly visible. Understanding that these Aimbots & Wallhacks can be activated on and off, through out battles, by pressing a key, which makes it harder to spot, and said to be a coincidence!

Make your own mind up, after reviewing the thread. Opinions welcome. Cheat or not?

The demos were recorded from spec prior to the player being called out. He did submit demos afterwards to prove innocence. However at slowmo speeds there are odd moments. So you see the dilemma, it's about judgement calls, as VAC doesn't work. Reporting a player without idsoftware input or VAC analysis, then that possibly shouldn't be done. However if the cheats are pretty clear as many of them are, then report. A cheat is a cheat in my opinion, its working out if they are cheating or not, and currently it seems that too many people are getting away with i t with advancements in humanised features, and on and off options.

In some of these clips and occasions it is better to watch at 0.25 speed. Looking through floors, walls, and shooting plasma at players into walls they are behind (6plus rocket to bridge) etc.

On a side note, linked to some weaker cheats, I said b4 that some cheats should be taken away, by making the available to all. Like timed items, and Syncerror made abilities in QC etc visor wallhack, item timers visible and QC seems to work quite nicely with these.

Cheat or Not?

QuakeLive PQL Vamp CA, is a great MOD to play.