I just finished FReethys Windows 7 guide to get the lowest input possible on any PC. I also did this for WIN 10 with the WIN 10 guide. ( now i have a dual boot PC)

Its true a stripped down Win 7 has lower inputlag then a stripped Win 10. Not only can u check this in Latenymon but u can actually feel it also just by moving a window up and down in Windows. I am pretty happy with that.
Now i want to put that ultra low input lag to good use in Quake Live!!!

Unfortunate Quake live on Win 7 gives lag spikes ( the red vertical lines in the lagometer) when someone new joins a server or just at random sometimes. On my stripped Win 10 Quake Live runs great but it would be so cool if i could just run it on WIN 7!

I have a i7-9700k With a GTX 1080. With the latest stripped NVIDIA drivers. I have threaded optimization off in the NVIDIA ctrl Panel.

What seems to help is cap my framerate at 138 with Rivatuner ( my monitor is 144hz)( ingame cap com_maxfps 138 dont do the trick) but that sucks cause it gives inputlag!
I can then better play uncapped on my WIN 10 boot.

r_primitives 2 does not help,
I deleted both qzconfig.cfg and repconfig.cfg and disabled steam cloud and tried again with a new config; same problem
Anyone here got any idea what can cause the lagspikes in Win 7 when a new player joins the server? And on other random moments? On my Win 10 build QL runs great with the same exact in gamesettings.
I hope u guys can help me out. Tnx

I finally did it! i found out how to get the green line stable in the lagometer. Put your modem in Bridged mode and get a Ubiquiti Edgerouter X ( 50$) and enable the QoS option.
Its all about bufferbloat. If u dont get a A or A+ rating at the speedtest http://www.dslreports.com/speedtest u can forget about getting a straight green line. I had C grade first. After the Ubiquiti Edgerouter X its A. and finally a stable green line most of the time in QL!!!
I found out about this through the Battle(non)sense video Gamer Setup - This router can save your marriage! video,.