Hi everyone!. Since I don't know where to concretely asking these couple of questions elsewhere, I just recall about this forum I used to check often when I was a Quake Live player. But out from that, I get back in playing Doom 3 multiplayer, it's just awesome and feels fantastic the gameplay still today. 3 years have passed since I started and still playing it, I've met lot of players from old school to new and now wondering (just for fun purpose) if some event is still made about this underrated section of the game. Did someone actually got an idea about making a new kind of event for Doom 3? Or I must accept that D3 multiplayer just belong to the past?. Nothing special happened about a D3 tournament since 2010 as far as I know but on this site I found more recent post about a reunion of some D3 old school players if I'm not wrong. Thanx for your attention and eventually sorry for a poor english perfomance :-)