If America was an even more unbearable place to live, and trust me, I don't think that idea is too far fetched. Where is a good place to raise your kids? Few minorities, expensive to live, rich country, good benefits, good salary? Which European country offers the most for a man, his wife, and his children? The number one thing I would look for is QUALITY education. The best public schools if not a fair private school. France? Germany? England? Help me out.

Yes, I'm not married, and I don't have kids, but I intend to.

Second of all, the minorities comment is slight racism on my part, true, but stop assaulting me for a simple preference I have. If you could wouldn't you want to live in a place where your ethnic group had more influence? I'm not all for white flight, and I love all the people of the world but I just prefer to make friends and talk to people who come from the same background as me who I can identify with. I've roomed with various cultures, and trust me, I should probably hate asians so much with all the shit that pissed me off, but it made me more tolerant but I still think a white person with a Russian background and the same old school upbringing would be able to relate most to me and I to them.

I don't hate minorities but if I had a choice, I'd live on the minority-less rich side of town than the equally rich minority side of town.