... but still one of the best player of all times at TDM

even tho nowadays plenty of TDM freaks got similar skills, just less xp

people keep sayin all the time "tox sick 1v1 player, best combats-skills, most complete player", which is actually not entierely wrong, but if you look at all the dominants duels players from 2002 to 2020, long time gone where tox could win by relying on his sick mechanics (by past standards) alone.

k1llsen has better rails, cooller has better lg/dodges, rapha has better brain, cypher has better rox and so forth

you have to realize that when tox dominated 1v1 it was at q4 when the game slowly but surely started to dying out, even cooller & co didn't bother anymore to practice or just play tournaments, because when people we all hyped about q4, i still remember 1v1 match between cooller and tox where tox clearly looked uncomfy. The only player that stood out when q4 declined, was av3k, and at that time the dude was a 16 yo kid and managed to win a major against tox

i think if diab is a success, toxjq should focus on team modes rather than duel, because there's no way he's gonna do good at duel (for his standards) against players like cypher & new bloods

tox qc stream is still entertaining tho, for some reason