United States of America The Keep are back with another Warfork duel cup. Taking place on Saturday 16th May at 12:00 CDT.
In light of the COVID-19 situation, we’ve decided to host this event to benefit the Florence Nightingale Foundation who provide scholarships to the best nurses and midwives who then make a difference to patient care, policy and practice in their chosen fields.

Throughout this tournament, we will also be having a giveaway with Steam Keys and In The Keep T-Shirts, so keep an eye on the Twitch Stream!

All proceeds related to the stream and the tournament registration donations will be going to the Florence Nightingale Foundation! We hope that many of you will choose to participate in this tournament, regardless of skill level, to help support this effort!

This event requires a minimum donation of $1 to participate. The donation can be made to The Keep and be added to our donation, or, you can donate to the Florence Nightingale Foundation directly and provide proof of your donation.

It is perfectly acceptable to have someone else donate on your behalf, regardless of whether or not they are participating. More participants means more donations; feel free to sponsor your friends!
Players from all regions may sign-up by filling out the form on The Keep's website.

Stream: United States of America The Keep
Admins: United States of America GelmoSan, United States of America Zeb, United States of America TheMotherload
Links: Sign-up, The Keep Discord, Bracket