To give you shamanic blessing and put good vitality spell on you.

Not been here for a while, whats going on here, 30+ y.o oldmen pretending playing new quake shit toy QC, cyber sport clowns - what a bluff. May be stop it, it end of line, generation closed. May be come back you wifes, kids etc.

1st of all shamanic greeting to Cooller, what is his secret of focused tranquility during final matches? And of cause "he is always whatching you" V . Number one smart player of QL. Also very sexy and handsome Quake idol.

Evil is very good vs Ratha, Greatest match 2017 QuakeCon,3th match, Elder map, 7-8 overtimes.

Greeting to Cypher, Cokie, Xron and others. Great time QL TDM National Cups 2010-2012.

Tmd pickups..Ty Lam...Great times, never come back.....

Thank you guys.