Does anybody else get the feeling that God of War Sanchez, the guy who's larping as an eastern-european Quake God with bad English, isnt just doing that because he thinks that hes a comedic genius, but mostly because hes a failed Quake player who never really managed to be fully competetive and finally found a vessel to defend his fragile ego in the most unfiltered way possible? Like when people are pretending to be ironic or trolls, but they are actually wholeheartedly enjoying the petty bullshit they say?

Evidence 1: He seems to take his ongoing feuds with whiplash and drk extremly personal and even goes so far as to fake results. I doubt the desired comedic effect of his parody is to appear... sad?!

Evidence 2: Hes really not that good. I beat him in a FFA game in QC after not touching any videogame for a couple of months, and I was never/still am not highskilledm or even close to it.

I mean, I'm glad somebody is still delivering content for ESR in 2019, but I don't think it would hurt anybody if it wasnt as miserable as it is?!


This thread brought us new conclusive evidence from "Sanchez" himself.

Evidence 3: "Another quake idiot, who thinks he won Sanchez, when Sanchez was not even playing."

He did. It was on the QC account that he posted here himself. But notice that rage. Where is the comedy in that? He just seems to have a hurt ego. He feels personally attacked. Not the character, but the person behind it.

Evidence 4: "Pay me money, 20.000$ and I will play with Drk.
Why would I do anything for free, being a master. "

So Drk is challenging to play him, and he... declines? Somebody is afraid to lose. Like a dude who cares mostly about saving his ego.

Evidence 5: "There is no feud, like literally some trash players are trying to hype on my name, without putting any effort into the game itself".

He is getting inconsistent with his story. Sanchez himself was the one who started bragging here with his wins against these players. The inconsistency in his narrative points to him falling out of character. He doesnt care about the comedy anymore because he now feels personally attacked.

Evidence 6: Suddenly, his English isnt as bad and broken anymore as before. The personal attacks provoked this, he can no longer maintain the parody.

Conclusion: It started off as a comedic parody of a eastern-european Quake pro with broken English. But right now we can see how the person behind it can no longer pretend to be that character "Sanchez", most likely because the personal attacks on his character also hurt the person behind it. This supports my hypothesis that the character "Sanchez" and the person behind it have a very strong resemblance in character traits. Kinda like when somebody says they are trolling, but they really arent, because they just wanna get that shit off their chest.