Which changes in technology/society/culture have lead to players not anymore willilng to organize themselves in clans? Whats your take on that?

My 2 cents:
The internet is not anymore a new thing, before there was this giant shift from playing only npcs to being actually able to play against other human beings, and this was so sensational and people tried to form communities etc. also to underline the fact that they are part of a revolutionary shift in gaming. Nowadays everyone is used to being online and there is nothing sensational about it. Also automated matchmaking has lead to less communication between the players, before you needed to have instant messengers to communicate with others to organize matches, now you can just click the pair button and you wait until you are being paired automatically with other players. And less communication with other players also weakens the desire to form a clan.

Cultural shift, less gaming culture on the net:
I remember all these individual clan homepages, clan skins, even clan machinima videos, etc., all this culture seems to be gone now and the game is reduced to purely being played. Even game homepages seem to disappear and seem to go to a more formal and general reddit (e.g. QC on reddit instead of ESR) :-( . The only thing thats left culturally are basically fragmovies, but this is also more related to individual efforts.