so i'm liek watchin qc tournaments yesterday and shit and previous days and basically im like wooo europe u got urself a proscene full of ex-cheaters wotafak men?? so today im liek tuning in cuz NORTH MURICA and ya kno they b kinda good at quake even without cheats so im liek nice finally quake holiday and so i turn on my litly pc i go to m y fave internet address which is ofcourse abd i see my favorite faces zott &nvc and im hear them say north america and im liek just in time bitches finally pure quake and the game starts and my eyez pop out as i see GNiK so my question is rly is there more then 4 teams that dont have ex or current cheaters on their roster cuz this is too lol even for lolipop?

help me understand pls