It would be cool to have something crazy, like a $1,000,000 Q3 tournament, so it motivates all the old schoolers to come back which would face the new schoolers.

Many names come to mind, that im sure would come back for the challenge.

Fatal1ty said in the Thoorin interview that he felt robbed and abandoned when they got rid of Q3 for competition, and said how he would play it forever if there were big tournaments for it.

Pretty much everyone playing QC doesn't really like it and consider Q3 the 10/10 game.

Old school players like Polosaity still upload Q3 content in his channel and has many views:

I believe many people born in the modern era of shooters are becoming interested on it because they weren't born when it was around and find it interesting and very different to modern gaming. 4 million follower Leafy is said to have become obsessed with playing Quake, now that he is rich and retired he is probably playing.

Polos is also in contact with many old school russian players like n0bap. It would be cool to get them all back. Including many legends like uNkind. $1,000,000 is enough to get them all back and create an epic high skill elite tournament with players from all eras.



Imagine a lineup like that.

+leave some open spots to motivate people to train. Have invitational spots and have open spots.

A 64 player tournament with 32 invitational pros of all eras vs 32 open spots (qualifiers probably online, I don't see them pulling proper LAN qualifiers)

C'mon motherfuckers do something. They have the resoruces to do it right. And no don't be brainwashed by "oh but some of these players are too old". Once you've played Quake at high level you always have that competitive itch, it's just the money missing to justify putting many hours to it as an adult. Also don't believe reflexes go down after 25. Im on my 30's and my reflexes are as good as when I was 15. You just have to train and get good again.

Let's have a legendary Q3 tournament for the 20th anniversary. If QCon doesn't do it then someone else must do it. Get Carmac here, isnt't he still doing the IEM thing?
Even ESWC should do another. WCG. Everyone. You bastards using abominations for eSports can still do something useful and host an epic Q3 tournament.