It is time again folks! On sunday the 17th we unfold the flags again! As usual everyone who wants to play is welcome under ONE condition this time:

You need to sign in on and make your player profile active/public.

Otherwise I fear not even the great admins of the OMG crew can create decent teams :) It is gonna be mindblowingly good! Harosh has promised he's gonna grant us with his presence this time ;)

As always we gather here: , in fact, get your lazy asses over there right away! Feeling rusty and fear you can't distinguish a red flag from a blue? Go to our Omega servers and see for yourself, there are games every night, starting at around 19:00cest

Pay a visit to our home page: where there is further information.

Maplist: Japanese Castles, q3wcp9 (Spider Crossings) and Reflux

Please help us out by forcing friends and family to participate \o/