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Hello arena gladiators,

I'm incredibly excited to announce my new Quake III Arena mod, Uber Arena. I've been working on this on-and-off for a while as a hobby project to practice software programming in a familiar context outside of just writing boring console programs. I'm now in university taking classes for computer science with the hopes of eventually finding some good-paying programming jobs, but while I definitely have more serious aspirations in the realm of software engineering, that certainly doesn't mean I can't have a little bit of fun building some personal projects for my favorite games. I really enjoy the feeling of finally solving tough problems, which this mod has offered plenty of (and still has a few yet to be taken care of), but it has undeniably been very educational as well. And with Quake 3's 20th anniversary coming up next year, I suppose now is a good time as any to get started if you're going to be modding for such an old game, hehe :p

As for the mod itself, Uber Arena is not a total conversion or major overhaul of Quake 3, but rather is a collection of new game mechanics and items that extend the base game experience in a manner that attempts to remain true to Quake's core principles such as on-spawn equality. There are no abilities, loadouts, or similar concepts that would cause players to spawn with different setups. Just as with the original game, item control and positioning are absolutely key to being successful. The specific methods employed will be radically different, but the overall fundamentals are unchanged. I tried to come up with some interesting ideas that most arena FPS games, or perhaps FPS games in general, do not consider.

Uber Arena has the following features:
- 5 new and/or modified game mechanics
- 3 new power-ups
- 2 new holdable items
- 3 miscellaneous items (2 of which use a modified backpack model / skin made by DaEngineer)
- 1 new map-specific mechanic
- 3 remixes of older maps to test the new mechanics, including 2 revisions of classic id software
Quake 3 maps and 1 user-made map by community designer Tigger-On, used with permission.

See the documentation provided in the link below for more information about the new features included in Uber Arena:

This mod is, as you might expect, very VERY work-in-progress - particularly visual / stylistic effects. Right now I am more concerned about functionality and bug fixing though.

Some known bugs that I'm still working to get ironed out:
- Item knockback doesn't interact well with items on movers.
- Trampolines occasionally send you bouncing much higher than you should. This behavior is rare and I haven't been able to consistently reproduce it; it seems very RNG-ish.

Also keep in mind that bots haven't been optimized for the mod yet at all. I need to do some more research on modifying Quake 3 bot code for mods. I have a feeling that bots will never be able to learn to use trampolines very well (at least not without an entirely new .aas compiler, which is way beyond my level of knowledge), but I can imagine the other mechanics being workable.

Also if you have some older custom maps that you think would work great with some of the new items - particularly trampolines - feel free to share! I'd love to see what you come up with.

DOWNLOAD (Version 0.5):
Have fun and enjoy - I'm really looking forward to seeing what your thoughts are!

I'm particularly interested in what the ESReality community has to say, since I know many people here have much detailed knowledge and commentary to provide. Positive and negative feedback alike is appreciated - I just enjoy reading detailed discussions. :)

- Do you think any of these concepts would have competitive viability? Would they add a new layer of strategy in your opinion? Do you feel that they stay true to the spirit of Quake? What are the reasons for your answers?

- Do you feel one or more of these concepts should be explored further in other arena FPS games?

- Would you have preferred a Quake game based around one of these game mechanics - uberweapons, weapon limits, item knockback, etc. - as opposed to abilities and champions?