Hey, I created a zoomscript generator that allows you to zoom in and out with your mouse wheel. Enjoy!

Link: http://qlzoomscript.heroku.com

Generates a zoom script for you so you can use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out. I use it, and ppl call hax on me because I outzoom them! :D :D

The script has 4 zoomlevels next to your base FOV. In total you will have 5 different FOVs under control. More details below.

How to use:
1. Fill in your base FOV, sensitivity and accel.
2. Press Submit
3. You are presented with a config file.
4. Copy paste the code to a new config file called zoomscript.cfg in your QL dir
5. Execute zoomscript.cfg by typing 'exec zoomscript.cfg' in your console.
6. zoom zoom zoom!!!

The script calculates the right sensitivity for you during zoom so the sensitivity won't feel 'different' than it was.

This script was created during the Eindhoven LAN at The Party, 2012-04-07
-- dan5

Link: http://qlzoomscript.heroku.com