Thanks to u/divide on reddit

.A new champion will be coming in the next patch! It will be revealed at PAX East in Boston on April 7.

.Awoken. New duel map coming in April patch. This tweet and reddit post suggests it will also be open to TDM/FFA.

.New Plasma Gun skin for SNG. Coming in April patch.

.Quake II Rocket Launcher and new Tri-Bolt skin will be coming BEFORE the next patch. They wanted to test a new system where they can put something into a build without it showing up in the client immediately. These new skins will be unlocked "very soon".

.Quake II Rocket Launcher will be in reliquaries to start. [It sounds like you won't be able to unlock it with shards, at least right away, but this was unclear.]

.Speed changes are being tweaked continually. They want to retain the more strategic pace introduced with the speed changes, but they definitely want to make it feel more fluid. They are experimenting with different speeds and accelerations. Experiments will also probably be taking place on the PTS.

.They are also experimenting with rocket speed changes to improve dodging ability.

.Making changes to Slash's crouch slide so that it's not necessarily faster, but it's more fluid and smoother.

.Reducing radius of Dire Orb explosion. Especially in Instagib it was too powerful, and right now it is larger than it looks visually.

.Looking at potentially giving all champions the same HP/AP decay rate.

.Clutch's crab-hopping behavior, where you could hold crouch and spam dodges, has already been fixed for next patch.

Awoken could be open for DM