Hello fellow esr readers and fragmovie enthusiasts!

2017 was a pretty moving year for me and I didn't find the time to settle down and be as movie creative as I used to. Previous years I have set goals to try and release something eyecandy for christmas, but this year I simply didn't make it. However as things are starting to settle down for me my moviemaking fingers have been itching quite badly recently and therefor I would like to ask where the interest lies in some movie ideas I've been thinking of for quite some time.

1. A QL community "farewell" movie called "Long live the king". This will of course be in the spirit of the happy QL days as QC is standing on the doorstep to soon be released and maybe eventually take over. I know many here refuse to accept QC as a new Quake, but as QLs glorydays have had its time I think it would serve as a good gesture for the fine years that has been.

All demos, players, modes and frags / happenings are welcome, except for of course cheated or scripted events. Demos may be as old as I can find a WolfcamQL to support them, and players may send in several demos though I will nit pick the best / most fitting moments for each player so all demos maybe doesn't make it in the final production. If a player have no demos to contribute but still wanna make it in somehow they can mail their in-game nick and I will include it somewhere in the movie. The movie will end up as long as demos go, so this can either be a very long, or a very short movie.

I will most likely create a demo collecting teaser to post on more quake related sites for wider spread and support, and much more detail will be revealed then.

2. A 125FPS QL cup movie. This will be a pain the arse to make as it is so much material to go through, but I think this would be a well appreciated movie. This movie will be based on the demopack submitted by Shpuld (sorted by meph1stoo, thanks for that <3) earlier this year. I dug through many of the demos when this was released and there are MANY tasty bits in there. As I said, this will be plenty of work and will most likely turn out as a very long movie, or it can be separated by players so each player gets his own micromovie, and there will be many movies released within a shorter time span.

3. Yeah I know... spacectf duh. I got a fine selection of frags by Mr Bolus and I have under a long time collected tricks on spacectf, so wether you like it or not there will be a lost in space 3 (rest in space), but this will have to wait for now as I still have some unfinished buisness on some of the ramps, and this will be a closure and very special chapter.

So... which one you wanna see?