copy straight from reddit, recap of the community stream

- upcomming video of patch
- no hitboxes in the current patch (currently testing it, it will likely come out in January)
- gauntlet range reduced by 25%
- tick rate slower on gauntlet
- stack changes; +25HP stacks global, +25 MAX armor global
- crosshairs and fps lock
- new duel map Vale of Pnath
- all of hp and armor pickups will be 30 sec (maybe light armor 15 sec)
- new breakables
- new railgun trail
- guaranteed rarities, chests at least one rare, reliquary at least one epic
- festive map skins
- character specific vanity items
- character animations also festive
- free rewards to anyone who logs in on december and january (different rewards on dec and jan)
+ in december winter 2017 icon / nameplate, 5 backpacks
+ in january different winter 2017 icon / nameplate, 5 backpacks
- all items and icons and stuff can be collected in backpacks also
- new server in Mumbai (live somewhere next week)
- trying to optimize server locations
- more south american servers
- upcomming later; experimenting with a lot of different duels
+ have 3 champs or play for time limit
+ or 1 champ per round
- at least one elder god in festive mood
- upcomming later; test servers
- doom range nerf in this update
- Slash max speed 640/600?
- speed on anarki and slash, bit less accel, top speed down by a bit (didnt drop that much)
- thickness larger on light characters upcomming (hitbox)
- "LG feels really good" this patch
- tribolt not changed in this patch
- upcomming later; replays
- Visor fans will be happy with the new update
- maybe moving items around in Lockbox/ upcoming changes to Lockbox
- new champion is KEEL

p/s: put more important stuff in bold