Since it was mentioned that after DHW id Software was going to experiment with the duel format, I would like to propse a new duel format, one that I'm sure many have mentioned and thought of already but I thought I'd make a new thread for it and go into the pluses and minuses, and hopefully we can have a somewhat serious discusion.

Problems with the current system:
- Maps can be over quickly but can also go on for ages. Not reliable for tournament organizers who want to run on schedule (DHW first and second day have been running way over schedule)
- Defensive play after one frag is often favored. There is often barely any fragging going on. Sudden deaths after no frags are not uncommon, in some cases it can be entertaining (Clutch vs Nyx during K1llsen vs Dahang for example) but imo in most cases these rounds are boring (Anarkis)
- We see a lot of the same champions being picked.
- Considered by many as not that fun to play.

Suggestion for a new mode:
- Fixed time limit (10 mins?)
- Access to all champions. When you die with a champion you can't pick it again
- Player with most frags after the timelimit wins, in case of equal score overtime or sudden death follows. Lose all your champions and you lose.

Plus sides of this new format:
- More consistent time duration of maps
- We see all champions in action
- After dying you have a lot more options to counter the opponent's champion that killed you, which leads to more interesting champion clashes
- Less defensive play / running away / hiding

Downsides of the new format:
- Player needs to have all access to all champions in order to play the duel mode

This is the only downside I can think of, and it's maybe the only reason that id Software decided against this format thus far.

But seriously, who buys / rents just 3 champions to plays duel? I don't know anyone who does this. Either you're completely F2P and ignore Duel or you buy the champion pack. So imo it's not a valid arguement against this duel format. If this format proves more entertaining, it will only encourage new players to buy the champion pack and play it themselves.

If anyone can think of any more plus and downsides of the suggested new format, or more reasons why the current format isn't ideal, I will add them to the list.