Edit: ntE has translated more of what cooller has said in this comment and it makes more sense.

This is google translate so obviously not completely accurate but still. The guy who first brought this to my attention on Discord has since disappeared and his comments vanishing with him, I can only presume that someone got to him. RIP info guy


Anton "Cooller" Xinggov criticized the organization of the European qualification for the Quake World Championship 2017 and reported on problems with the visa in the US for players from the CIS. Player Natus Vincere answered questions from ZERGTV after the match for entering the World Cup.

"I am very dissatisfied with [those], as they all do. And not even from the point of view of the organization, but in terms of how to be such a moron, to give 12 slots to the CIS and Europe. This is a complete game. Contempt.
I have a question: [why] is sitting there ZeRo4 ? A person knows perfectly well who plays where and where, nobody knows any nicknames, all the players-he himself played with them all.
But I talked to him and said: "Well, take it, make 16 slots, I do not know, 20 slots." He: "No, we are principled: it's a test tournament, now everything will remain the same as we announced, and nothing will change." How could I make such a grid so that I would play with Evil in the first round, Av3k played with StreNx in the first round? I have suspicions that this happened not randomly. That they deliberately do it. It should not be like this.
In general, I think that they should have made direct invites to some people. To call there, for example, Rapha , Cypher and a few more people. Me, maybe. We really, a pancake, we sweat on how much years already for their game, we do any ????. You could just take direct invites. And do not soar your brain to anyone. There Toxjq with AGENT play for the quota. Well, what is it? ".

About BYOC-Qualification on QuakeCon "Evil has a BYOC slot. Who is there for evil is sick, he will go BYOC to play, most likely. And there is a visa. [Slot] had to buy. Slot means that you come with your computer to this open area, you connect and play. Here he bought a place there. Naturally, I do not think that it will be direct his comp. He has some friends there who will just give him a play, and that's it. " On problems with visas for players from the CIS "It was Xron , Cypher , AGENT . For me personally, their trip to America is questionable, because they all have an open question with the visa. Even at Cypher. He tries to solve in every way and, naturally, Virtus.pro is trying to help him in every possible way. But it's not a fact that it will be solved. "