Quake Champions is about to finish its 7th or 8th beta "weekend" and development as well as media appearance can be considered underwhelming.

Twitch viewership (over the passed weekend the game couldnt get passed 2000 viewers) is close to non-existent since it released its NDA:

for more stats please check Twitch stats

Reddit, which can be considered the go-to-communication platform for a lot of gamers, has in my opinion mostly negative feedback threads. I might be biased in this case, as I do not have any statistical analysis on which threads gave positive feedback on the game and its development.

At this point, the official bethesda forum can be considered the worst corner of hell where any good argument or feedback gets burrowed by a big pile of garbage. No one sane will attempt to step a foot in that forum again.

Consequently, you cannot argue anymore that the quake elitists are to be blamed for not playing or watching the game on twitch - like TB would like to claim. It's the lacking casual base.

The game in its current state core issues.
Players are getting annoyed by the flaws: long queue times, bad netcode, unbalanced teams, quitters, loading times, high hardware requirements for a F2P game, unintuitive health system based on profound bullshit argument (please see http://esreality.com/post/2873836/ask-the-devs-answers/. an esports manager who does what exactly?

There is also no real communication coming from the project "leader" or its "community managers". There is supposedly to be a qualifier for quakecon soon? I'm sure the potential participants would like to get some information.

I have to sadly say, even though I personally enjoy playing qc, that qc will be dead on arrival. The game has to compete with plenty of other games out there, and so far it does nothing convincingly that could make the casual players be interested beyond a few hours of game play. 2GD also mentioned it in his talk with TB: Where is the incentive to buy the hero pack? The game does not significantly change when playing with sorlag or visor. Yet, id will be trying to sell it.

I am certain someone will enter this thread by claiming that the game is still in its "beta" stage. But that argument holds no ground, considering how the game development and the communication between the developers and the community has been.

The id team just lacks fundamental knowledge on how to handle the project:
At least show some teasers on upcoming features (e.g. spectator mode). Make a blog post (no fluff bullshit), show a short clip, keep the gossip active about the game, show us how you work and what you do etc.