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Rating: 9.5 (46 votes)
Hello everyone =) I'm glad to present this defrag movie which contains my very best tech strafe demos from all time.

There is quite a history behind this movie from the timeI first saw "torture" maps and considered them some kind of a joke to a point where I found myself not trying to just finish them but finish them as fast as possible. I feel like the tech strafe segment of defrag is pretty much underrated so I always wanted to show it from my point of view, which I tried to do in this movie.

The name of the movie comes from the name of my favorite map boris_cab1, and so the movie includes quite a lot of smaller parts of that map, as well as famous pea_xpanicx map and one map made by kairos. All demos presented in the movie are currently world records on q3df.org.

P.S. For everyone who wonders where did I find all these skyboxes, a lot of them I took from custommapmakers.org. Many thanks to them, they've got a really nice collection!